Thursday, November 03, 2005


Get Thee Behind Me, Evil Enabler!


Ann, although being one of my dearest friends (we figured out the other day that we had "known" each other at least 8 or 9 years, although we have never even spoken on the phone!), is also an evil, conniving bitch.

Who else would show a yarnslut this, during the very month that said wooltrollop is selling off her own stash to pay for her husband's fees from last term so that he can take a course in January and maybe one day finish his degree?

A bitch, that's who.


I think I shall pout now. And figure out how I can wangle enough out of the budget to buy oh, like 20 balls of each colo(u)r.

Like I said ...


Ann, honey, you're getting something pinque in the mail very very soon. Perhaps made out of pinque funfur.

You're welcome.

In answer to recent questions:

Kathy, I like my chocolate drizzled on someone's nice warm belly, however if that's not convenient (like at work and stuff) I like dark chocolate. Plain or fruit centres. I'm pretty easy to please.

Jove: Hubby cleaned the kitchen tonight. Without being asked. And it was a disaster area. That has certainly improved my mood, as has not going *crunch*crunch* across the carpet!

Patti: I think I won some sort of "Most Likely to Cuss Like a Sailor" award on JenLa's blog last year, but thank you!

Rachel: Asselope? Who knows? These strokes of genius (or idiocy) take me by surprise from time to time. I was tired of "assbeagle".

Jill: I like my liquor pretty much how I like my chocolate, but usually settle for beer. Very cold. Out of the can. (I have lots of class, it's just all third.)

Marie: The horror was not being connected to all of my invisible friends. I mean, what if someone had, like, KNIT something???

and last but not least, Lee Ann: No, I did not spill a glass of wine on my laptop but mostly because I don't have a laptop. I do, however, know where one can buy a keyboard very, very cheaply. Also where one can buy one at close to midnight. (And also where the two spares are in my husband's bedroom). *g*

I think Aubegine or maybe Saxony Teal.

You're welcome.
Ladies, ladies! Let's think about this...Ann only has your best interests at heart. And I agree, I think the Aubergine is loverly.
I spilled wine on my keyboard when reading Stephanie's blog about talking to her girls about just saying no and not necessarily needing someone else to - well, you know.
See, now I love asshat and fuckwit but do desire a change of wordage from time to time. Asselope is wonderfully descriptive. Thanks.
Asselope could possibly be a new favorite. I'm all about the aubergine, too, though I do have a bit of a thing for the dusty lavender... *evil grin*
Oh that Aubergine alone would have done it for me. And anything that starts out with $2, does that make me cheap? Well then cheep, cheep.
It's the Saxony Teal. Yes, I know, I'm such a ho! I'd have to keep mine in a plasctic bag to keep the drool off of it.
i sense a RAOK coming on
Dude, it wouldn't be a kindness to put ~more~ of anything into this house, even if it IS alpaca!
Just catching up. But yes, I agree, if HUBBY does housework that might improve your mood. I must have misinterpreted as I thought YOU were going to do housework and that doesn't ever do anything good for me. glad he did though. Maybe that almost getting his ass divorced incident has had a positive effect. Hope it lasts.
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