Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Well, I had a post written about how I had a rough night at work and hadn't done anything fibrely at all. Even got to use the word "asselope" about one of my COWorkers who needs to be fired (out of a cannon) very very quickly and messily.

And then my internest got broken and I had to be offline for FIVE HOURS and actually spend time with my HUSBAND (and watched a really good documentary on disease in sub-Saharan Africa) and well it was all just too horrifying.

I'm going to go clean house now, and then spin (around and around in my chair until I puke).

Send help.

How do you prefer your chocolate?
Make sure you have something colorfull before the spinning. And you will make some very interesting art.
And cleaning house is going to IMPROVE your mood????
An asselope must be like a jackalope? A jackasselope?

We should do a knit blog award thingie. You would totally bag "Most Colorful Language".
So, I'm curious how the word 'asselope' came to be...
How do you like your liquor?
Oh, poor baby. Where do we send the chocolate liqueur?

I am, however, curious as to where exactly the horror came in. Was it the broken internet link, the documentary, or spending time with your husband?
At least you didn't spill a full glass of wine on your laptop...

(I do not recommend this, though the dancing with the kid which led to it was fun...)

I hope I'm not wearing an asselope hat today. :D
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