Friday, November 25, 2005



Found, one pair of beautiful old hand carders. See?

Obviously old, obviously much-used. Clearly, much loved. They fit my hand perfectly; the curve is very comfortable. I think I prefer them to new, mass-produced ones, although I shall be getting another pair at some point, with deeper teeth (tines? pointy bits).

good dog, can you GET much whiter than I am?

aah! i'm biting your spinning wheel!

Tomorrow promises much merriment, as the Princess and I are off to meet she of the Barbie Death Head out in Richmond for lunch. We're going to go to the store that sells expensive Swedish particleboard furniture (yes, my house is half-full of their stuff. Doesn't mean I can't be mean about them) and then go eat something nasty and fondle yarn.

Hopefully at some point tomorrow I will also spin 10 lbs of wool, ply it, stick on labels, label everything else I've made, photograph it and blog about it in an annoying, whiny manner and get it to my friend who is manning (personing?) the table this weekend.

Oh yes, and I want to get my hair cut.

I'll report back. Unless I, like, die and stuff.

the theme music from 'Jaws' is fighting with the theme music for 'Jeopardy' and Flight of the Bumblebee in my head after reading this post. can't think why really...
LOVE those carders! They have so much more character than the new ones.
WTF happened to your hands? Looks like the cats waged war on them!
I don't know, looks like a cat hair brush to me.
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