Wednesday, November 16, 2005


And Verily The Stash of the First-Born Daughter

Shall be visited upon the house of the first-born son, in generous overkill.

Upper right we have one ball of Dynasty ACKrylic. It's not nice but it's just fine for a first project. Next to it we have four skeins of baby alpaca silk which is very nice but perhaps too fine for a first project, although He Who Shall Soon Lust for All Things Fibre is fearless. Moving left from that we have two balls of Paton's Decor, which is 75% ackrylic and 25% wool. I'm thinking this is the most appropriate place to start, however being appropriate is highly overrated.

Below that we have one ball of orange Bernat So Soft or something like that. It's ACK but I like knitting with it. It's got more life to it than the Dynasy (which has clearly never been alive at all). In the lower right corner we have three balls of Rowan Cork. I couldn't part with the Magpie (mostly because I couldn't find it) but this is a beautiful yarn.

In the middle of all of it we have five sets of needles ranging from some 3mms in bamboo to some 5.5mms in vintage green plastic. The other three sets are aluminum.

I think that'll be enough to keep him going for a week or so, no?

Would that all novice knitters had the benefit of such a lavish starter kit!
Corrupting your own fambly!! Woman, your eevul knows no bounds!! I've always liked that about you.
I once offered to teach my sister to knit, since she's always so very appreciative of anything knitted I make for her. She truly seems to get the concept of knitted love. I thought she'd like to try it. "Oh, no," she told me dimissively. "I prefer intellectual pursuits." Yes, I still knit for her, but always have to insert a snide remark or two about how knitting is beneath her considerable intellectual talent. She cannot be corrupted, even with nice wool.
Wow. I'd be in heaven to get such a box full of goodies. What people who don't knit are missing. And to even part with needles. Wow.
Just how many needles do you have?
Hope he enjoys it.
I do appreciate it and may well be very trying to some folk this weekend when I give it a try?

If I don't try it, I'll never know if I have the knitting gene in me?

Given my illustrious sister's lineage, I should be ok.

the brother
Dear the brother

The trick is to stick with it long enough that you can do it while you watch tv. I love that you need to know if you have the gene. :)
Yes, brother: You have no idea how happy it makes your knitting family members if you learn to knit. Just that is enough as a Christmas present. I agree with the former commenter that you have to stick with it long enough to be able to watch TV at the same time. There is a bit of a hump at the beginning but its worth struggling over.
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