Friday, October 21, 2005


Well, I Guess She Told Me!

Today was a very difficult day Ch├ęz Lapin, a day which started out with Tigger deciding first to pee in the laundry and then to crap on the floor.

See the small cat pretending that there were no such outrages perpetrated.

There was much beating of the cat and scrubbing of the carpet and screaming at the feline in words that will hopefully not be repeated by the small child, although I have heard her call someone an assmonkey already.

I was later explaining all of this to Himself and describing my triumph over feline perfidy, whereupon I spotted Tigger lurking underneath the leg of my sheepjammies which were hanging over the edge of the laundry basket.

I pointed to him and said "See? Cowed!" At this point a quiet but emphatic little voice announced from the bathtub "It's called A Cat."

I shall make note for future reference.

As further evidence of his total cowedness, I present to you ... um ... his latest effort to stuff Tracey under the laundry room door.

I believe that, in fact, not one ounce of attitude was whacked out of him. I am apparently not much of a pussywhacker. (Do your worst, google *g*).

(And I think we all know who my secret favourite is right about now, don't we?)

On the knitting front, here is proof that I have actually really and truly finished 3" of the sock cuff (measurement verification kindly provided by a happy little Lantern Moon sheepmeasure, sent to me by our friend Trixie who is getting a baby soon -- go make wild promises to knit stuff for her)

This is Diamond, looking inscrutable. Or perhaps not caring at all.

I'm on graveyard shift this weekend. There are rumours that the teachers will be back in school on Monday, thank dog, seeing that would mean that I would get two whole hours of sleep before having to cope with the littlegirls for oh, six hours or so ...

Kill me now.

Hello. I'm a new reader but couldn't resist posting today on the kitty pics. So cute, even if they are, um, difficult little beasts some times. That and I'd really like to know where to get me some sheep jammies like yours.
It seems to be the day for that. . .
You can say that again...
No kitty piss, but we did have German Shepherd piss on the brand new carpet....ugh!
i understand completely. i had to lock the damned cat on the front porch while i worked on my son's halloween costume, since it's black satiny stuff that clings to everything, including the cat, who insisted on laying on it, and not in such a manner to make an adequate pattern weight either. sigh.

and yes, i've already promised trixie a blankie, and sweater/hat/ bootie set as soon as spring comes (i'm way too busy right now, lol, see above (that's the second of 4 costumes i'm trying to get done, sigh)).

and btw, we love you, frazzled overnights and 4 girls and all.

piss on you, cat, lol
Sometimes in a multi-cat household a dominate cat will prevent a more submissive cat from using the litter box. You may need another litter box so poor Tigger has a spot of his own.
Another box is probably in order (we have 3 for 2 cats), but there's the possibility/probability that Tigger is asserting Alpha status (or attempting to reach it).

They're littermates, no?
We have one litter box for two cats, but it gets cleaned everyday (at least), and as far as I know neither one has ever prevented the other from using it (although they have occasionally been known to come and bat at the door flap when tho other is using it). Anyway despite all that, every now and then I find a small (dry, thank goodness) cat turd lying somewhere around the house. One time I even saw one of the cats hopping out of the box with one between her teeth, which she then deposited on the floor and began to bat around like a toy. I have no explanation for it--I just picked it up with some TP and flushed it. But now I am always careful to do a run-through of the house before company comes over, lest a hapless guest come across an errant turd. Good luck with the graveyard shift. Ugh.
4 Cats - one litter box. They have an agreement with themselves - Lillian always is lst, then TC, then LC, then the old man, Phil.

If someone doesn't like it, they just sit and yowl til I clean it.
Does it say something really terrible about me that I read "sock cuff" as "cock stuff" ? I thought so, too.

There's a subtance called Felliway, which really helped our cats adjust to a new world order when the kitten came live with us. Google it. It's not cheap, but might be worth it, considering the fun involved in cleaning up cat pee and attempting to discipline cats, who just don't care and look at you contemptuously.

My secret word for verification? vfgwoo. I like that. I need to find a way to use that in a sentence.
I feel your pain when it comes to cats using other facilities.
My mom's cat pees on the chairs and craps on the floor. If this was my cat, there would be no cat, as I have given it the Evil Eye hundreds of times. It runs from me when I look at it. I am not against cats, just her cats. As they are like really spoiled children that get away with everything. (including biting the hand that feeds them)
Hope everything works out for you on the sleep front. Keep up the great knitting progress.
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