Monday, October 17, 2005


Tonight's Play List

There has been some discussion regarding the domestic disputing, and the fact that messages received by the smaller members of our household may not be the messages that the TallPeople meant to convey. And further, that those messages have to be seriously considered when making random hateful statements.

Life is marginally better.

Better to the point that I'm getting all musicky.

Therefore, seeing there is still no semblance of knittage, I shall share with you tonight's playlist.

Accidentally Like A Martyr - Warren Zevon
Call and Answer - Bare Naked Ladies
Take My Breath Away - Berlin (forgive me)
Hanky Panky Nohow - Yo La Tengo
Hurt - Johnny Cash (cover of NiN's tune)
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
Wicked Game - Chris Isaac
Thank You - Dido
Lay Lady Lay - Dylan
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson
I Never Cry - Alice Cooper
She Cries Your Name - Beth Orton
The Way - Fastball
The Needle and The Damage Done - Neil Young
Crazy - Patsy Cline
How You Remind Me - Nickelback
It's Been a While - Staind

Good god, it goes on and on. Nobody's ever going to hire me as a DJ, are they?


Edit: Apologies to the small black cat. I have never yet in my life remained on my tuchus while "Sweet Home Alabama" was playing. You were on my knee; I assumed you wanted to dance. You never missed a beat. How was I to know that cats don't understand dancing? I shall start saving for the therapy now.

Someone should have written a memo about the whole cat dancing thing ... I always thought that wincing look on my cat's face when she was dancing with me was because she was happy. Maybe it's time to re-analyze.
My cats don't dance or sing along with me - they just run for cover under the bed!!
Read you every day, Rabbitch -

Glad when you are happy and sad when you are not -

Thank you for a good read every time.
Just reading that playlist had me laughing and crying at turns. Some of those songs really wrench my heart out and stomp on it just in case.
They're SUPPOSED to dance - there's even a whole book about it!

Love the eclectic playlist.
Patsy Cline! Knew I liked ya.
Cats don't dance? Well then, what's "Puss in Boots" all about? I always assumed those were go-go boots!

Say it aint so!
And I thought my cat strictly didn't dance because he's deaf. Who knew?

Small People in my house have been getting weird messages from all over lately, too. This whole parenting gig is hard.

Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so blue...
(Thanks for the earworm!)
well, as for mixed messages for the smaller members of my household, they are making random hateful statements to the tall people here as well. sigh. wish they'd get their acts together. at least we tall people are united in trying to turn this around.

hope all is well in your household.

and your playlist sounds amazingly like mine. there were a few i didn't recognize, but johnny cash doing hurt. amazing stuff. and the video was so emotional. wow.

crazy indeed.
Ahh, Skynyrd--they pick me up when I'm feeling blue, now how bout you?
Well it is good that even through all the stuff you are going through, you can still get moved to dance! The kitties will just have to understand.
"Sweet Home Alabama" is the only Lynyrd Skynyrd song I know, and it has the same effect on me. Cats go flying. Or would, if I had any.

Life's too short to not dance.
An excellent playlist.
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