Sunday, October 16, 2005


Ten Things

There's a fun thingie hopping about blogland (no, not me, sillies) and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, to distract you from the fact that a) there is no knitting and b) I have nothing I feel comfortable talking about in depth right now.

(There has been severe domestic disputing Ch├ęz Lapin. Far, far worse than usual, necessitating some serious decisions.

Nobody is packing right now, however a number of fairly major things have changed for me. I would be startled if we made our tenth anniversary, and I think that would be A Very Good Thing for both of us. Send cheese.)

Anyhow, for the fun thingie, you type your name + needs into Google and then post the first ten results. I chose "Janice needs" because there was only one result for "Rabbitch needs". Please forgive me. (Send coffee.)

1. Janice needs help. (duh)
2. Janice needs to move on mentally and figure out a reasonable course of action. (another no-brainer)
3. Janice needs to let him know she cares about him. (does she?)
4. Janice needs to let Christopher know what is acceptable and what is not. (who the hell is Christopher and does my husband know about him?)
5. Janice needs Jesus. (Think again.)
6. What I think Janice needs to do is change her PERSPECTIVE not only about her job but especially about herself, which will change her INTENTION
7. Janice Needs Your Help.
8. Janice needs to know what to tell her grandsons when she picks them up from school instead of their mother picking them up. (my whats?)
9. I think that Janice needs psychiatric help.
10. Janice needs to be resuscitated or stitched back together at some point.

Mheh. I like the last one.

Carry on.

Ruh-roh. Not good. Don't forget to breathe. Muah, poor darling.
Oh crap.
I love the last one! Too freaking funny.
I find #9 poetically fitting, don't you?
i'm sorry for your troubles, hon. it's always hard making those kinds of decisions (i've done it twice, three if you want to count my engagement as well (yeah, i know, 3? i'm not elizabeth taylor by any stretch, lol). hang in there, it will all work out eventually, whether it's what you think you need/want or not.

as for the list, those all sound about right, except # 5. thank dog we all know better!
Hang in there! You will get through this - you know you always do.

{Enough with the platitudes)

If you feel bad about your google - I got
"Elizabeth needs help in navigating the afterlife"
Hope things are better for you. I noticed a wee theme in your Janice Needs list which has me concerned.
I stumbled on to your "Janice needs" list and I thought they were HYSTERICAL! With the exception of #s 4, 5 & 8, they all could fit me! LOL Have a great day!
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