Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Sox Rears Its Ugly Head

Firstly, I would like to proudly announce that this blog is the first listing if you search on "metal carport lits". (um, wtf?)

Secondly, that's right, I've finally succumbed to the lure of the sock. Ann's tutorial made it all look so simple.

Of course we all know, Ch├ęz Lapin things are seldom as easy as they seem. This is likely because of the really high goof quotient going on. And the fact that I can't knit. Yeah, that might have something to do with it.

First, I cast on firmly with two needles held together, as is the favoured method of the rabbitch.

Then, I split the stitches evenly over three needles.

Then I joined them without twisting.

Then I knit for a while.

Then I counted the stitches and was one short. I randomly added one, hoping nobody would notice.

After knitting for a while more I again counted the stitches. At this point I had one MORE than the optimum number.

I frogged the whole damned thing.

I went to the Guild meeting tonight, carded and spun a bunch of clownbarf (and explained exactly what I was doing to the woman beside me, who seemed inordinately impressed) and then took another run at the sock.

At the end of the night I had over an inch knitted. And two more stitches than I should have.

I'm home again and have tinked and deleted the extra visitors.

Stay tuned for exciting updates -- there is beer in the fridge and I am determined to have a sock by morning.

If there is no picture in the morning, please pretend you never read this.

You can do it! Even if the stitch count is off, no matter at all. Getting through that first sock is a wee bit like losing your virginity - a bit uncomfortable and perhaps painful as well, but then you're done and will never, ever, have to knit your very first sock again. From there on out, you will be seasoned. Or something like that.
What Kathy said, Hang in there!
"Extra" stitches can sometimes show up when knitting ribbing. It is usually caused by lack of attention when changing from a purl stitch to a knit stitch. If you don't bring the yarn between the two needles you will get an inadvertant "yarn over", a bit of a hole, and an extra stitch.
That takes me back - my first sock! Ah well....
The thing to remember about knitting socks is that only one thing matters - that they fit. Socks are not upfront. No-one is going to snatch your shoes off to inspect them. They are functional.
The other thing to remember - and I do! - is how boring they are to knit. There was never such a thing as a glamorous sock...
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