Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sometimes I Am An Ass

And I'd like to think that I'm big enough to apologize.

Someone posted a link in my comments to a novel he had written. I followed the link, I didn't like it, I assumed it was comment spam, deleted it and wrote him a rude message.

He had read my profile, saw that I loved Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, and had assumed that it would be appropriate to post his comment on this blog.

It was rude of me to assume that it was spam and it was vulgar of me to have deleted it. I therefore apologize.

I think his novel is nothing like Gaiman's work (which I slavishly idolize) but I'm no fucking literary critic and it's not my job to censor.

I'm sorry Graham. It was wrong of me and I'm sure it felt like a slap in the face. Feel free to slag me at will.

And to my readers, please, no novelbashing in the comments. If you don't like it, just don't read it, mmkay?

Thus endeth today's exercise in public flagellation.

That's a tough one to call, that's for sure. The thing about it is, they model that spam after real comments, so it's hard to tell the difference. Of course, it's also in a person's best interest to make their comment as non-spam-like as possible, I guess. Maybe throw in a few f-bombs?

I'm no novelbasher.
Sometimes it is hard to tell what is real and what is phoney. There have been staged demonstrations against a book on the UW campus - turns out they were paid for by the publishing company (owned by the author of the book) and designed to stir up interest. It really sizzles my...well...hiney.
See, while I would hope that folks follow my name to my personal blog, I don't think I would ever self-promote through someone else's blog. That's just wrong.

Especially since Blogger (when the %$#@ is working) makes it relatively easy for folks to email you.

This isn't the place for advertising. Or is it?

A, the b
Dude, as long as it's not spam or porn, I don't much care what people post.
And I only care about the porn because most of it's boring. And I have enough anyhow *g*
Itgirl recommends standing out in the rain for 30 minutes as payment for your sins.
A tough call for sure. It's sometimes hard to determine what is spam and what isn't. I think it's very big of you to apologize so publicly. Good on ya.
I heart Neil Gaiman. I freaked out my fundie sister a week back with my pen decorated with a barbie head turned into Death. She's so cute, and freaks people out. bonus. want one? The hair's a bit wonky, but it works.
Gaile! Yes to the barbie head ... let's meet in person to exchange stuff and maybe go fondle fleece!
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