Friday, October 28, 2005


Oh Sure, I Have Lots of Time

So I've been threatening to get all musicated and shit for years now. I have a kick-ass piano that I got for $200 (yes, that's right TWO HUNDRED dollars. Canadian!) I used to play a little and got up to like Grade 4 Conservatory back in the dark ages. You know, when pianos were coal-fired and only had five keys.

Anyhow, what I really want to play is guitar. There are a thousand reasons I can't/shouldn't play guitar, not the least of which are the facts that my father tried to teach me for nine years (I learned seven chords and have forgotten them all) and my obscenely friable skin. I have vicious eczema and come up with these really nice skin splits that resemble very very deep paper cuts. It's lovely, honestly, and one of the best things a guitarist could have on his or her hands.

That being said, I am going to haul my husband's guitar out of the closet and tool around with it a bit. All I want to do is learn to accompany myself.

When I told him this he was encouraging but said that all of the books he had were classical instruction manuals, and that what I was likely looking for was "One of those Michael Row the Boat Ashore/Kumbaya/Highway to Hell sort of books".

So, anyone out there have any good suggestions for a starter book?

I don't know whether I have any advice or not, but I do know that this post made me laugh like a complete loon for about fifteen minutes.
I vote for "Highway to Hell" ;-)
I vote for Highway to Hell, too, but the book you want is the Alfred method. For adults. Otherwise you'll have to deal with dorky cartoons that will make you want to never play your guitar ever again, for fear of turning into a dorky cartoon.

I'm learning piano and guitar right now, actually. Go, you :-) Here's hoping you'll learn something fun, like, say, "You Shook Me All Night Long."
I don't have any good beginner book suggestions anymore, but I have worked with a lot of guitar players with the same issues on their hands and we all put superglue on our fingertips. It makes a realy good pad, and it's what Stevie Ray Vaughn would do! He was gluing his fingers back togehter though, I recommend it as a preventative measure.
That superglue suggestion is an interesting one. I assume one is to wait until it dries before playing?

My husband has been teaching himself to play guitar ::Gawd Bless his rhythmically incapacitated soul. SRV(Send Rum and Valium).::

He likes Bob Dylan, "The Very Best" and Beatles "Complete Easy Guitar."
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