Tuesday, October 11, 2005


More Feats of Endurance

For some reason I seem to have a collection of pictures of my feet. I think this is all ItGirl's fault for some reason -- they seem to have been taken when I was guest blogging, although as far as I can tell only one was ever posted.

This certainly looks like an abused foot. Maybe I dropped something on it in a drunken frenzy:

I have no explanation or excuse for this one. Really. I actually wore these slippers walking through the airport in Seattle. They were accompanied by a flannel nightshirt decorated with cows in party hats.

Some things it's really just better not to ask about.

These are sort of boring, but warm.

Proof that I have two feet (although you will seldom see them both at the same time, for reasons of National Security and such).

And there we go. My feeble attempt to avoid posting any actual knitting content.


hehe. I just run contest and get away with contest lists as a post ;)
I don't think I've ever seen a foot where the middle 3 toes are the EXACT same length. You're a total freak, why didn't I know this before?
I don't know which is more sexy; the bunny pants or the cow houseshoes. Now if you put the two together....
HA! Does she really have two feet, or is she just very clever with PhotoShop?

Me Ruv Moo-Shoe! Me ruv rong time!
SJ you are just mean. My second toe is longer than the others. My third toe is almost that length and the fourth is distinctly shorter.

They are long and elegant.

At least they're not Flintstone Feet.

I suspect you have toe envy.

And yes, I am a total freak, but my toes are normal.
Dude. You posted them all.


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