Monday, October 31, 2005


The Missing Link(s)

Firstly, to the people who found my blog by searching for "getting pink colour pepto bismol off budgie", please stop putting pepto bismol on your budgie. That is all.

I had a big long rant ready to post about sausages and the lack thereof and the stupid STUPID restaurant which couldn't give me a side order of two sausages and therefore made and threw out six (thus wasting food and also depriving me of the required swineflesh) but then I realized that even I found it boring. Seeing I likely find myself far more interesting than most of the folks who come here, I think I'll just skip the story, however I'll keep the title, seeing I am still, a full day later, deeply ensconced in sausage-related resentment.

Man, that was a weird sentence, even for me.

I shall, instead, share with you a very blurry picture of Her Surreal Highness, about to fly off on her broom for Hallowe'en celebrations, and two small cats who, although fearful and horrified, are determined to save my home from this creature.

We had a very successful evening and she is now weaving about in front of me, crazed with sugar, singing "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat."

I figure I won't get her into bed this side of midnight, so I'm going to spend the next three hours drinking beer (if I have any) and listing everything I own on eBay.

Who says you don't have any fun after 40?

What a great photo! The cats are obviously thinking "What the hell is that?!"
Heh, heh, heh, "sausage-related resentment." ......
I hope you had a good halloween dispite the fact that you had "saugsage-related resentment." :)
Cute little witch.
So, what did you put on E-bay? The suspense is killing me. lol
Sometimes I have sausage-related resentment. But I don't think it's the same kind you're talking about. What's a budgie? And why would anyone put pepto bismol on one?
Why yes, it does appear that you are the premier Web authority on peptol-covered budgie laundering. None of the other results from that search come nearly so close.

Doesn't it bring to mind the image of a terrified child, left alone with the budgie for the afternoon, frantically searching for the solution he needs to find before Momma comes back from the store and sees what happened?
Well, when you get enough money from your eBay listings to come and visit, you can always stay here. We give sausage to knitters. I think I should put that on a sampler somewhere.

We also have enough leftover Halloween candy to stun an army of kindergarteners.
is there a more bitter pill than 'sausage realted resentment'?

I think not.
That picture is hilarious.

Maybe the cats believe your daughter to be hiding a budgie.
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