Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Happy Boopdate, Baby

Today is my husband's 42nd birthday. My daughter used to say "boopdate" instead of "birthday" which was cute as my old cat's name was Boop. Pardon me for descending into the maudlin (once again).

There's been a lot of good, there's been a lot of bad. But at least there's been a lot.

I'd rather be annoyed than ignored, and I must say that there's been lots of that in the last ten years.

But I have to say that any man who is proud to wear a paper bag on his head and be pronounced The Honey Princess can't be all bad.

A brief photographic review of the past five years:

And any guy who can make a kid who grins like this can't be completely evil:

Speaking of completely evil, Blogger seems to have now added a mandatory word verification for editing one's posts. I had to upload five pictures, go into each one, cut and copy and save them as drafts and then copy them over to the main post, saving as draft each time and having to enter the word verification each time.

I was going to post some other pictures but really, it's becoming more of a chore than it's worth.

This is a feature I don't seem to be able to turn off and it's a complete and utter bitch.

This has come very very close to making me say the dreaded c word that isn't chenille and which I use commonly in conversation but which I seem to be averse to using on this blog.


I need to migrate this blog to another service as soon as I have the money to pay for it.

Dudes, watch this space. It's gonna be soon.


Happy Boopdate mate of Rabbitch!
Happy Birthday to your hubby! :)

Blogger has a lot of issues. Stupid blogger.
You're going to freak...today is also my husband's birthday...

The sweetest pain in the ass I ever met.

Hope you all have a happy day, blogger notwithstanding :-) I'm off to go make birthday profiteroles.

Hahaha, my word verification is "omgus"...
Happy Birfday Ben! Hope it's an auspicious occasion and all that stuff!
It's good to have a husband you can dress up in ridiculous outfits. It definitley helps take the edge off the evil. Happy Birthday, Mr. Rabbitch!

Also, do you use Hello for your photos? If so, you can post as many as you want in a single post. You still have to do the "save as draft" thing, but at least you only have to do it once. Here's how: before you hit "Publish" when you select a photo to send to your blog, add "pipes" (shift+forward slash) to the end of the caption you enter (for instance, Honey Princes||). Now hit publish and it will wait for you to add another one before sending it off. Keep doing this and when you get to the last one, leave off the pipes. That's how it knows to publish them. Neat, huh? Or did you already know that and I'm just being an annoying know-it-all?
Blogger's such a cunt.

(There, I said it for you.)
Beautiful family! HB to the hubbster.
Aw, happy birthday, oh honey princess!

And yes, Blogger does indeed bite. But hey, it's free and all...
Hmm... I don't have word verification to edit draft posts. Does that mean I'm not special?
Happy b-day to the man who is the pain in Rabbitch's ass and who helps her to use colorful language that we all enjoy reading.
If he is the honey princess, what does that make you?
Awwwwww...............hubby and daughter are adorable! But why aren't you in any of the pictures?
Delurking to wish your other half a great one. And good lord, the man has PERFECT skin!! Thanks for sharing the pix!
He's kinda cute. Does he have any charming brothers?

Darling, you don't want to say The C Word on your blog because it will bring you too many pervs through google, which can get tiresome. Ask me how I know.

My secret work to post this? fshydrg Fishies? In in drag? What is wrong with these people at Blogger?
I'm late, nothing new there. Only excuse is the agony of having new carpets installed. Now that it's all over........

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