Sunday, October 23, 2005


From Your Lips ...

... to dog's ears.

This weekend's horrorscope:

"This week moneybags Jupiter moves to the top of your chart. "Hi, Mom!"
It hasn't been there since 1994. You're back and this time you know how
to work the audio controls. "Now hear this. Now hear this." Your
career has never looked better! It's all about you this year. Jupiter
will make sure you impress The Grand Fromage. No doubt about it.
Opportunities abound. Good things come your way. New job
opportunities, a raise, praise, kudos, the works. And your success is
evident to others. ("Who was that masked man?") You need this break.
Relationships have been tough. It's wonderful to know you're
appreciated, admired and your peanut gallery is still waiting in the

Make it so.


I hope so. You deserve some of that. (and at least you don't have small girls around ALL DAY anymore)
(waves from the peanut gallery, hoping for big money, big money for Rabbitch this month)
Hey! I was watching the news tonight and they said the strike was ending and I thought of you! Your success was evident to me! Go Jupiter!

With special wishes for appropriate cat output,

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