Sunday, October 30, 2005


Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Does anybody really care?


Man, I hate this fucking daylight savings time thingie. My clock in the bedroom is fast, the one in the bathroom is slow ... I think the one in the kitchen is right.

Who the hell thought up this thingie? I have some sort of idea that it was Benjamin Franklin.

Dudes, he's dead. We can all stop humouring him and just keep the same time all year. Really. We won't get all smote and stuff for it.

I just know I'm either going to be an hour early or an hour late for work tomorrow.

It drives me crazy, too. It will take at least a week to get my inner clock reset. Some how loosing an hour is actually easier. Yawn.
Goddamn it. I forgot all about that! Hockey Mom and her crazy husband kept me out until 5 am last night and it was all I could do to haul my arse out of bed at "ten". Which I guess was only nine. No wonder I'm the only one awake in this house right now. Arrrgh.

I don't know about Benjamin Franklin but somebody once told me that Muddy Waters invented electricity, by flying a kite with a key on it (and that's how he died). I said I was pretty sure I remembered having electricity before Muddy Waters died (1983 or so?) and he said, no, that was all powered by wood before. WTF.
Spring forward, fall back. I just learned that a couple years ago. (I still have to make the "L" with my fingers to figure out left and right - thank dog I am not dyslexic) I curse them all in the spring, but I save the hour in the fall for when I need it on Sunday, instead of changing the clock Saturday night. Today I changed the clocks at 11am, which made it 10am again, woohoo! I get to re-live that hour and do something different this time! It's like time travel!
A quick internet search agrees with you that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea in about 1784.
It wasn't put into effect until quite a bit later, though (May, 1916).
And when they did put it into effect, they did it twenty minutes at a time over four consecutive Sundays. And I thought adjusting my clocks twice a year sucked!

(my information comes from:
Thank you! The whole concept is just bizzare - don't like the amount of sunlight at a particular time of day? Let's say it's a different time, just for the hell of it! Oh, and let's change the time TWICE each year, just to mess with people even more.

Way to screw with everyone's circadean rythmns *and* make us all run around trying to figure out how to reset everything at the same time. I feel like I'm in LOST and pushing that stupid button every 108 minutes.
You could move to Saskatchewan. they don't do the clock change thing. And I don't think there government has been breaking every public service union and demanding pay cuts, either. On the other hand, then you'd be living in Saskatchewan (duck).
Yeah I woke up this morning and was very disoriented. Much more so than anyone should feel on a Monday morning. I knew that the clocks were set right so I knew it was ok. But seeing it daylight outside kept making me think we are late. Even the kids were worried. It's all a big headache for nothing.
Happy Halloween!
Word. That's why I keep that link to petition for the end of daylight savings in my sidebar year round. DST is about as helpful as tits on a bullfrog.
It drives me nuts, too. Of course, all the clocks in my house that I managed to avoid re-setting last time are now correct again. There is some comfort in that.
I hate Daylight Savings Time... hate it! *gah* Of course, it didn't matter quite as much today since my power went out 5 minutes before my alarm was due to go off. Nothing like having to reset your clocks 3 times in 4 days.

On another note... I may have actually found an old journal that contains those hideous pictures of me with a poodle perm and Jersey bangs.
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