Monday, September 26, 2005


Well I Used To Love Her ...

... but it's all over now.

Bitch is fired. Very fired. Possibly, should time and resources allow, out of a cannon.

7pm: Her: I've got a ride home tonight, I don't need your van. See you at 9!

8pm: Phone rings, her roommate is calling, to tell me her mother is in hospital and she won't be showing up tonight.

a) There's no reason for her to have phoned her roommate, who didn't care if or when she came home, to tell her she wasn't coming home. This was done purely to avoid having to talk to me.

b) I work at the hospital. I checked. Her mother wasn't there. In fact, to give her full benefit of the doubt, I checked three hospitals and checked by last name, first name, age and description. Not there.

Fortunately I had hired someone responsible just a few hours before Ms. Flake-o-Matic cancelled on me. I've got every night but Sundays covered, and a friend of mine will take the kidlet in a pinch if I can't get someone else.

This being Sunday, I had nobody else to call at the last minute, so my daughter had to go sit in the break room at my husband's work until he finished his shift at 11pm, not getting home until after midnight. She's five years old, and this was a school night.

Guess how happy she's going to be when I wake her in about 15 minutes.

Guess how happy I am right now.

Guess who I really hope is stupid enough to use me as a reference for work (a distinct possibility).

No prizes this time. I'm going to go get the cattle prod and get my child out of bed now ...

Edit: Yes, this is the same retarded chimp who ran over a huge nail so I had to replace my tire, then ran over a huge bolt so I had to get the new tire repaired, then left her dog here with no warning, who broke my stove, who lost the gas tank cap and who has jammed out on me repeatedly for childcare before, including on the ONE night my husband and I both had off in December. The stories are endless. Well, that's not true ... we've reached the end, haven't we? At the age of 23 she really needs to get a freakin' grip.

There is a circle in hell for flakey care providers. I'm pretty sure horrible children (obviously not ours) shriek "The Wheels On The Bus" in their ear until their brains leak out the other side. At least I hope so.
Evil woman. She must be related to my ex-friend who raised a nightmare child and then had the balls to look me in the eye and ask whether her daughter was cute. HELL NO. Evil Evil. I hope she uses you as a reference just so Fate can make a full circle.
is she the same retarded chimpanzee in garden gnomes clothing that lost the cap to your gas tank?
unless you are biologically related to this person in such a way as to make it impossible, i think a friend-divorce is in order here. There are some things no one deserves, and I'm pretty sure you don't deserve all the shite this person seems to unload into your life. I am even more pretty sure EB doesn't either.
I was just going to ask about the gas cap. She's a good candidate for natural selection, methinks.
Girl, you really don't need those kind of people in your life. I had a friend like that (not no mo'), who would make plans and then cancel at the last minute (after sitter arrangements, etc).

Not worth the time for sure. I hope she uses you as a reference too. Hee hee.
wait... she's 23!!??!! The things you listed made me think she was 16 or 17!
I think you have been more than understanding for this flake! It's time to put the screws to her! No more van-borrowing, no more favors, no more anything. You have enough to deal with, cut her out of your life. She's an emotional vampire.
Yes, what they said. It sounds like it was way past time to cut the irresponsible twit out of your life.
Go, you! I'm so proud...

I hear you on the cattleprod thing. My kid's flight got cancelled the last time she came home from her father's house, and she had to come home on a late flight, getting to bed at around 21h30. It well and truly sucked, and she cried and whined all day at school, I'm told. Ah, well.

Things will even out now that Wingnut is no longer calling the shots. Good for you!
I'm glad you are cutting the ties with this woman. (even if you are related, there is NO reason to put up with that crap)

Hope your new arrangements work out. Lack of GOOD QUALITY child-care is one of the most serious social problems of our age and the anti-women-working crowd just don't get that and are diligently working to slow down any progress that might be made. I could rant forever.
Hmmm. Using the "my mom's in the hospital" lie on somebody who works at the hospital is not only unethical, it's downright dim. How does such a person tie her shoes in the morning?

Even if she wears loafers, it probably takes her a while.

Wishing everyone in your house a good sleep...
Death is too good for her. I mean, lie if you must, but at least make it a good one. And remember that there is a little person depending on you.

You've given her 9 million chances...9 million and 1 is too many.
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