Monday, September 26, 2005


Seven Years Ago Today

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The champagne helped.

Or was it shampoo?

Happy anniversary, assmonkey.

Happy anniversary !
happy anniversary yes!
Awwww, how romantic ;-)

Happy anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! Look how lucky you are - you have great wedding photos.
awww, happy day to you both.
Happy Assiversary!
Well, Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you'll celebrate appropriately, hmmm?
Happy Anniversary!!!
What they said - and many, many more.
Aw, happy aniversary to you both!
Hey, congratulations! It still seems like a good idea, right? :)
So, what's the derivation of the term "assmonkey?" If you can legally tell us, that is.
BTW -- do you realize that you have the same anniversary as Google? Same exact day, too.
Happy Anniversary!
It's been seven years already?? Sure doesn't seem that long ago when you announced the impending nuptials. And now you hace a child and everything. Face it, you're becoming a solid citizen.

Snappy Anniversary to you and Ben!
Happy Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary!

1998 was a good year to get married -- Oct 24th will be 7 years for my hubby and I. :)
Happy Anniversary, MonkeyButt & BunnyButt!! Long may you wave!
What they all said!! And seven`s a lucky number!
ooo time for an itch!

Happy anniversary to Rabbitch and Assmonkey!
Rabbitch and Assmonkey
Sitting in a Tree
Doing that which made them Three ....

congrats you crazy kids!
you two are just so cute!!
So, an assbeagle is bad and an assmonkey is good? I don't get it. Does that have anything to do with the fact that monkeys copulate to say "hello" while beagles just hump your leg?

Oh, and happy anniversary ;)
"Happy Anniversary Assmonkey????"

I guess, "how romantic" covers it...but.....I'm not sure!

Anyway, happy anniversary!
When I told him I'd posted pictures and had said "happy anniversary assmonkey" his response was "you DO love me".

And if assbeagle is bad, assmonkey is just as bad. I picked that up from Rob over at It's all his fault.
As everyone else has already said it up to now, I will hereby refrain from saying "Happy Anniversary" oh shit I just did.

And since you getting married looked like a good idea at the time I ended up doing the same thing a year later. So it must be contagious or something.
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