Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Knitting, At Last!

Oh yes, this was supposed to be some sort of knitting blog, or at least something fibre-related, wasn't it? It wasn't meant to be an endless rant about The Babysitter from Hell (to whom I am not related, for those who wondered). It's just ... well, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

And, other times, a girl's not gotta do what a girl's gotta do and then that girl gets her large wobbly ass blogged about by the girl who still had to do what she had to do even though you thought it was ok to not do what you had to do you irresponsible twat please break your leg.


I'm ok now.


And yes, I know it's an act of bad Karma for me to wish a broken limb on her but really, the way she lives her life it's almost inevitable that she do so some time (again) in the near future, at which point I will not be taking her a Care Package.

Blogger hates me, so I can't post any pictures of what I've actually been doing but in between all of the ranting please rest assured that knittage and other fiberly pursuits have been ... um ... pursued. Any and all pictures in this post are therefore recycled from at least one earlier post. Anything current will have to be imagined until Blogger gets its shit together again.

Several of the vile green dishcloths have been completed and a couple have been dispatched to their new homes, with apologies.

I have been working sporadically on Oliver's Wool and hope to have it finished tomorrow. (Better finish it as I have to card outside and it's going to start raining on Thursday).

All of this wool will be going up for auction, and I shall dye a second lot to spin for my friend Smee, as she has developed an inordinate lust for this particular shade of yellow, and satisfying lusts is what I'm all about, baby.

Fibre lusts. Get your minds out of the gutter. She's not that kind of girl.

The Big Pink Shawl has been made even bigger, at the request of Melanie who, despite being of non-towering stature has said she likes her shawls expansive, and will be finally off the needles tomorrow (pre- and post-blocking pix to be proudly displayed when technology is again on my side) and a big bright red stole (in ACKrylic and Hair of the Mo) has been cast on, to be featured at a craft table I'm sharing with my friend Sara at the end of November.

And speaking of inordinate lusts, my buddy Lee Ann has developed a weakness for the lascivious little purple skein and has asked me to try to match the colour so that she, too, can spin with pure wickedness.

It's actually far less spectacular than it seems in the picture. My camera picks up blues for some reason. The Yarn Harlot (we all know Steph, right? I don't need to put another link in here?) will tell you it's far more plum than that photo would imply. I, of course, kept few records of what the hell I did, apart from the documentation here on this blog, so I don't know what I'm doing, but there is a big pot of Cheviot on the stove right now and I'm about to toss in a lot of purple and blue and cook it up for a bit and see what happens.

If Lee Ann hates the end result (or if it's too horrible to send to her) I'm sure I can find something to do with it. There ain't no accounting for taste ... I've had two or three people tell me already that they think the clownbarf is gorgeous. (I'm of the same opinion but don't tell anyone.)

Off to get up to my armpits in vinegar, dishwash soap, sheep poop (no, really Lee Ann, that's all washed out, honest) and easter-egg dye and see what I can come up with.

Hopefully pictures to follow fairly quickly.

One of the regulars on my local Freecycle has a wringer washer in working condition up for grabs.

I thought of you. Oh, I thought of you. Then I remembered "shipping" and "duties" and thought better of it.

I too made dishcloths in the same "vile green" as you did. They are even greener than wet and have never faded!! LOL!
I love the daffodil colored wool too.. GORGEOUS.
Thanks for always making me laugh.
Post where your Craft fair is - I might drop by. I have always wanted to do a Craft Fair but I always have a fear that no one will buy.

I have a lime green, bright orange and other lovely colored dishclothes, there fun to make.
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