Friday, September 16, 2005


I Love You, Even If You're a Titbucket

I'm still sic and have nothing much to offer today ("nothing much" = nothing at all), but the wicked and brilliant Rachael has a fantastic idea. Go look at her post from today and let me crawl back under my rock for another day, mmkay?

What exactly does TIT bucket stand for?
NL, it's one of my favourite epithets. I make stuff up as I go, and I found myself yelling "titbucket" at someone who almost T-boned my car one day. I guess it stands for a bucket full of tits. ("twit" may be an accurate translation)
Here's wishing for hot toddies and LOTS of sleep. xo
Hey ya. Feel better. K? Have you seen Fuzzy Logic's S&M Bunny? That'll do ya a world of good.

I was watching the nanny show last night and heard a four year old call her mom "butt pie." I thought of you immediately. And tried to recall if you ever mentioned having twins in the family.
The four year old was a twin. I guess I forgot to mention it. Kind of took the wind out of the flow.
Ooooh. I'll be adding that term to my favorites, along with asshat and fuckwit (my personal favorite). Hope you feel better soon!
OH. MY. GOD. I had no idea I knit an S&M bunny. I think I just had an S&M laughing fit because I've hurt myself...

Feel better, darlin'.
I hope you're feeling better soon and that you at least get a paid day off work or somethin'.
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