Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hardly Surprising

Today's gigglesnort, courtesy of my husband:


An Honest Request for Assistance from Your Most Humble Servant in the
Name of God

Dearest Sir or Madame,

Good thing to write you. I am sure this comes as a surprise but I have
prayed over my selection of your name due to its esteeming nature, and
its similarity with the names of many who have, unfortunately, perished
by the hand of God, and I hold with the hope that you can be assist me.

I am BROWN MICHAEL, from Oklahoma, USA. While serving as FEMA's Director
of Relief Efforts for Hurricane Katrina I came upon the records of an
appropriation from the U.S. Congress for US$51.8 billion
($51,800,000,000) in hurricane relief funds that have so far gone unclaimed.

Because of the slow government response, I have been orphaned from my
job with FEMA, in which President Bush took me so special. I am now in
the process of cleaning out my office, which is messier than an Arabian
horse stable. Believe me, I know.

I am looking for an honest God-fearing individual who can assist me with
these unclaimed fund. Please to provide me with your bank account
information so that we can immediately execute this transfer. In return
for your help I will provide you with 20% of the funds as your fee.

I will also need your phone number and any other personal, confidential
information you can send me.

Time is of the essence. Please respond my email address immediately,
which is

Praise God, the Most High, that we shall bring righteously these funds
to where they may us benefit.


So, dudes, think I should be writing back to him?


Please to tell me why you are forever doubting the veracity of such a one as this BROWN MICHAEL PHD. He is the man who will be going and making you a richness of wealth so that you may be also buying a stable of Arabian horses and then you will be finding out the kind of mess that they will be leaving you.

Or is he just trying to clean out his stable by spreading the stuff over email? I didn't know you could do that!
DUDE! You'll be RICH! 20% of , um, something billion, 20 over 100 divided by -- anyway, it's a lot! What do you have to lose???!!!
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