Saturday, September 10, 2005


Free Foo Foo Yarn

Seems that Bernat's giving away their Foo Foo.

(Not for the yarn Nazis amongst us).

And yes, I filled out the form. It's FREE, dammet!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm not wearing any pants.

Heading out to the front yard to play with wool for a while. I have about 800 hours of carding to catch up on!

"The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm not wearing any pants."

Now THAT'S a happy day.
Free yarn...what could be better?

Thanks for the link.
i signed up for the free yarn a few weeks ago, and i hanve't seen a ball yet. hmmm. oh well. you're not wearing any pants. TMFI! that's ok, as long as you're comfy. and i've been checking ebay regularly for your stuff, woman, you better get your hiney in gear!
Free! Free! Free! ...if I didn't have a 5-year-old grandaughter to do crafty things with, you'd have to pay me to use it ;)

Thanks for the link--we'll empty that warehouse and Bernat will have to produce some real yarn!
Are you going out to the front yard without pants? A skirt, perhaps? You have tall hedges? Your neighbors are ultraliberal freethinkers? Maybe--no offense--blind? Or is Canada my kind of place?
you are such a goddess!!! i read your blog and love it, but for free yarn, you are my new hero :)
Well, I'm not sure I'll go for the Disco, but I'll sure take a page out of your book and say the hell with the pants...
I'll take free yarn. I don't have anything like that so why not?
So are you not wearing any pants so you can roll around in the wool?
No pants, huh ?

Why am I not surprised ?
foo foo .... sounds a little dirty ... in a good way of course
Going into the front yard, to play with the wool...with no pants? o_O
Oooh, free yarn!! Thanks for the tip!
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