Tuesday, September 13, 2005



OK, three posts in one day is excessive, but this is my blog, so shut up.

Also too as well, I couldn't stand not showing you this. I got a lot of flowers tonight*:

I mean a lot:

This could in fact possibly be the amount that is usually defined as "a shitpile":

There was an abundance of stuff I love like chrysanthemums, gladioli, lupins (thoughts of Dennis Moore here), gerbera daisies and alstroemeria and of course irises; always the stinking irises (they're beautiful but they're also going out front of the house later tonight, I cannot STAND the overpowering smell). There was also some stuff I've never seen before in my life, such as:


If anyone has any clue what they are, would you be kind enough to let me know?

Write back soon before Tigger eats the big one, ok?

*Hubby is a security guard/first aid officer for a convention centre. They had a Horticulturists convention and although he couldn't get them to use Dorothy Parker's famous line as their motto, he got given as many flowers as he wanted to take home at the end of the night. This is 14 bunches. He offered to go back and get more, but I declined.

Yikes! That really is a sheetload of flowers you have there. So this begs the question: what are you going to DO with this orgy of floral goodness?
They're in vases or makeshift vases all over the house. Except for the lilies. They're in a wine carafe out front of the house.
there she is,
Miss Rabbitch the Blogger ....
there she is
She's so pretty ....

**sung to the tune of Miss America**

I am just sorry I missed the swimsuit competition.
First time commenter, pulled out of the ether by knowing what those are thanks to working in a flower shop for over a year. Bear in mind this was a Texas flower shop so what we called them was the common name and nothing fancy.

The wavy looking, fuzzyish one is just referred to as coxcomb while the big bulby one is called ginger. They are both tropicals and are usually fairly expensive per stem, more than roses. Hope that helps!
LUCKY! The flowers are gorgeous...think I'll start hanging out at convention centers after flower shows :)
Reading your blog regularly, I know you will get a kick out of this....the top flowers are called cockscomb.


I think the second flowers are Canna. Both are easy to grow.
the other commenters are correct, the brilliant magenta one is coxcomb otherwise known as celosia. Some fun, eh?
Holy Crap Rabbitch, that is one helluva lota flowers! For a minute there you had me thinking you had done something to deserve them.....and there you were, just in the right place at the right time. You look like some famous actress after an opening night!
Yup, Coxcomb for the fuzzy brain looking one, and Ginger Torch Lily is the full name of the tall one. I was in floral design classes :) And those lillies are freakin' HUGE!!!

YAY for flowers! Hubby gets an A+ for bringing them home.
What are you gonna do for vases? Damn.
I have an idea. She can dump out one of those BINS full of wool and use it for a VASE ! You know the ones I mean - the GARBAGE cans !

I loved the flowers. You made me happy just seeing them in your arms like that...It's nice to know some got lovely flowers today !
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Some husbands would use this as an excuse to not get any more flowers for a while.
If this is the case, just leave all the flower corpses around the house, he will soon take the hint.
That is if he can smell them over the sheep shit.
Oh, the red ginger! Memories of my days in Hawaii!! How glorious to recognize something so tropical and lovely. You deserve every one of those flowers, just for being a cool mom, a superior wool provider, and a helluva blogger. (And I'm with you on the stinky lilies--love 'em for their looks, but goshdarnit do they ever stink!)
I love the smell of the ginger flowers, reminds me of apple pie! How nice of them to have a flower show just for you.
That'd be _cocks_comb (as in rooster).

ok, i knew the cock's comb, but i wanted to call the other bird of paradise, lol. you lucky stiff. and ann, get your mind out of the toilet! as for the hubby not bringing more for a while, leave the stinky ones in "his" area, such as by his favorite chair, in his bathroom (if you're so lucky to have more than 1), or den, etc. that will give him the hint, lol!
My cat would make a mission out of knocking all the vases over so she could drink the water.

I don't know why I shared that.
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