Monday, September 19, 2005



Got a whole bunch of comments I haven't answered, so I'll get to them here. This is a blatant attempt to get away without a real post today:

September 5: Ordinary Knitter, I think I found your blog through Statcounter. It's a fantastic tool for your blog, if you want to know who's coming to visit and from where (and what weird searchwords are being entered into Google to find your blog ...)

September 7: Marlene, I don't believe the nuns will allow her to marry. No, we're not Catholic. Shut up.

To all who were concerned about my apparent state of pantslessness on September 10, I was actually wearing a pair of flannel boxers. I like boys' unnerwares when I'm lounging around the house. (Yes, soon I will start wearing a wifebeater tank top thingie and belching a lot while drinking beer and scratching myself inappropriately. Oh, wait, I already ... nevermind.)

Tuesday, September 13: Yes, Anonymous, I freely admit I have viewed porn. The only problem with porn is that no matter how good the plot line (the what?) I always seem to lose interest about half-way through the movie. And then fall asleep.

Tuesday, September 13, again: I used almost every container I could find in the house for a vase. The alstroemeria is in a juice jug, the red daisies are in an oversized beer mug, two bunches of carnations are in an actual vase I used to use to keep pennies in, the glads are in a vase that used to be my knitting needle holder (and will be again shortly), and there was a huge display of all sorts of stuff (mum, coxcomb, etc) in a cut-down one-gallon milk jug. I have no shame, and I'm inventive, it would seem.

September 14: Lee Ann, the "little fuzzy ball things" will be gone before she has a chance to ask questions. They have about another thirteen weeks left, methinks.

September 16: I'm much better now, thanks. I kept going to work, Marlene. I don't usually actually take a day off unless I'm gouting arterial blood or something. (I try not to do that too often). I do, however, get a paid vacation day this week, as I had booked time off to go to the Fair. Yay!

September 18: Marie: No, they've changed the admission rules to the fair so you can actually get in without a husband now, however seeing my husband loves the fair as much as I do, and one of the reasons we go down there is to visit his family, it didn't seem fair to go without him. That being said, he's suggested that any time I have a Seattle/Tacoma area event to go to I could always take Her Surreal Highness and drop her off with Gramma Pat if she's not working -- they'd both be delighted! I may investigate this.

Stephanie: No, please keep the little purple skein. It consistently got up to no good in this house; I seem to be unable to provide consistent moral guidance to wool. I shall spin something else this afternoon (and likely it will be running amok before dawn).

Elaine: There is no fiber at the fair. You were correct. No need to go looking, honest. No, I'm not trying to keep it all for myself, and I resent the suggestion!


Off to wash some wool. The people upstairs have (finally) moved out (they were supposed to go in February) so for the rest of the month I can use the washing machine with impunity. The last of "The Fleece That Never Ends" will be washed within the next half hour or so.

We shall blithely ignore the other nine, ok?

What shall we do with you ? I am especially concerned with how you are able to raise the Lil' Cottontail when you obviously cannot provide moral guidance to your wool. Aren't Cottontails tails made of wool ...rrr...cotton ?
The thing that the little fuzzy ball things come in still sits there, though, and looks like it's still got something in it, and she will ask...

And then she will loudly tell you what boys have and girls don't while you are in the queue at the grocery store.
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