Wednesday, August 17, 2005



Clearly, my landlords have far better connections than do I.

I went and saw one of them on Tuesday to give him a cheque for the utility bill, and told him that seeing they weren't going to pay me to take care of the garden, then taken care of it would not be.

I informed him that the front yard looked like it was going to go up in flames at any minute because it was so dry, and that they should arrange for someone to do the watering, as I wasn't so interested in spending hours hand-watering for no compensation whatsoever.

He agreed that it wasn't reasonable that I would do the work for free, and said he'd get on it.

Well, I figured he'd get someone to come in and hose the place down. A landscaper, a kid from down the block; someone. I certainly didn't expect what we got.

I hardly expected him to call in Mother Nature.

It's now raining cats and dogs. These boys obviously know who to call.

I'm thinkin' it might not be so good to piss them off much.

Oh no! I guess that backfired a little bit, eh? I agree that you shouldn't be taking care of the lawn/garden without compensation because it costs money to do those things. Hopefully though your landlord will get someone for the days it doesn't rain.
And here I thought it was Curt's visit that caused such weather. It usually is, much as we love him. Perhaps it's just your connections that caused it to rain - benevolence of dog/mother nature saving you from the slacker landlords perhaps?
It rained down on Seattle as well - I awoke to the downpour at a mistaken 5am alarm, and when I finally realized the terrible mistake of it all, I gleefully put it out of my head and went back to sleep.

I mean, I love the rain, but . . . who likes walking to work ass-early in the rain?

Rain is for cuddling with KITTENS.
Yeah it might be a good idea to lay low for a while.
I had thought it was my fault for washing the car instead of finishing yet another repeat on Birch. Glad to know it was your landlords all along!
my opionion? fuck em. ask for one small thing, and the landlord throws around power like it's going out of style. hmmmph. (that's a scottish noise, btw, lol) now watch, it will be so dry the lawn really will go up in flames. excess power usage.
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