Thursday, August 04, 2005


Tons of Giftage

So yesterday I got tons of stuff in the mail. Yarn from The Yarnhog and an amazingly gracious and unexpected package from Lynne.

There was Rowan yarn, delicious stitch markers, The Spinners Companion book, some non-green cotton, hand-made soap and such. No pictures were taken, as I'm preparing in haste for my visit to Seattle, but I have to tell you how blown away I am by the generosity of the knitting community.

I've been dreading the mail of late, seeing it usually is comprised of disconnection notices and demands for cash, but I gotta tell you, yesterday was quite excellent.

I'm off to Seattle in a few hours, and there may well be no blogging at all for the next two or three days, but I promise I shall return with many pictures of socks, Harlots, and general merriment.

Knit on, babies.

Have a blast! I know you will have an hillarious story and great pics when you get back.
Enjoy the rainy City as much as you enjoyed your packages ! We love you.
****psst... how do you ply? I have 2 books and 1 tells me how to spin, but not how to ply and the other one is really obscure and covers weaving and dying and tells me how to shear a sheep... like I'm gonna go out and hijack a sheep. Oh.. WAIT.. that sounds like a good idea! Or do you have a book you can recommend?
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