Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Still Here

But working double shifts. Hubby's in training, and it would seem that his company doesn't pay people for training time. Seeing I'm not all that interested in not eating for two fucking weeks, I'm working like a maniac instead.


I'm ok, wool is still being processed, and I get a day off on Friday.

Send help.

And just so I'm not leaving you with a whine ...

Sheep. It's not just for breakfast any more.

And ...

Cat Food. It's not just for cats any more.

The big cat will still only come in for half an hour or so at a time (she doesn't usually come in in the summer anyhow) so I'm feeding her outside. Or, well, I thought I was feeding her. Seems she has friends ...

And no, you don't get a picture of the skunk I saw out there last week.

At least it wasn't an oppossum stealing the cat food. Darn things look like huge mutant rats to me. Rats with fewer brain cells and bad manners.

Raccoons at least have the cuteness thing going on.
cute... kind of like satan, if he dressed in a fur suit and had a bandana around his eyes...

wait until you accidentally leave the cat food inside and the back door open and she comes in with her 3 kits and takes over the laundry room as her own personal buffet.

Not that I'd ever know anything about that. No, er... not at all...
Cute baby kitties!!

And the raccoon? Cute until they hiss at you when you try and shoo them away . . .
OMG that bucket o kittens is just adorable. I hope you have at least one Momoze in the batch.
Ack! Kittens in a bucket of wool. Its too much.
Re: Racoon
Think of it as a bribe. If you feed them outside maybe they will be less likely to break in and cart off your refridgerator.
HA! When you made the comment about how the big cat won't come in for long, I thought you were referring to the raccoon and I was wondering how to break it to you . . .

ADORE the bucket of kittens.
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