Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Sleep or Sheep?

I can't believe I actually grew an ounce of sense and chose sleep over sheep! Oh well, there's a first time for everything.

I worked 2:30-8:30pm Wednesday and was going to finish carding Oliver's Wool before heading off to my graveyard (12:00-8:00am) shift at my "other" job. Somehow my addled brain decided that it made SENSE to sleep for two+ hours before going to do my second shift.

Hence, no wool on eBay today. I'm going to sleep (see? There I go again!) from about 8:30-1:00 before work on Thursday, but I'll be home by 9:30pm and fully intend that cardage will be complete before I succumb once again to the lure of Morpheus or whoever the hell's taken me over these days. If I can find my postage scale so I can tell people how much it actually weighs (or if I get it carded before 11pm so that I can take it to the post office) I'll get it listed Thursday night; otherwise stay tuned for Friday morning.

For anyone who wants to chastize me for working double shifts again, skip it, mmkay? The wolf's at the door and knocking hard (and threatening to repo. the door, in fact) so I had no choice. However, hubby's just been offered full time work at a slightly higher rate of pay, so things are looking up. (And for anyone who feels sorry for me, please note that apart from the four phone calls I've answered in the last hour and a quarter, my most difficult tasks have been to decide whether to eat my ham or my turkey sandwich first (turkey) and to fish the accompanying potato chips (Lay's Salt and Vinegar) out from my bra, where they seem to wish to reside.

Hmm. I need to get myself some hand carders and a portable wheel and bring 'em on these shifts. And oh, look! There's a microwave for dyeing ...

Ooo glad I'm not the only one that likes Salt & Vinegar potato chips. ;) (And find them residing my bra).
Well I'm glad you got the two hours of sleep.
Am I still offering my services on Friday? You may have to frisk me before leaving. *ahem* Watch my bra size be about 2 sizes bigger (THAT wouldn't be noticeable.. HAHA!)
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