Monday, August 08, 2005


The Rest of the Story

I have received a nice note from the "cute girl with sock" in front of me in line. It turns out her name is bethieee and she also has a blog, as does her roommate, Sultry Peacock. They have kindly given me permission to post the whole picture. See the cute girls? See the sock? See the walls of yarn that they refused to let me fondle?

See me plotting my revenge?

As you can see by the comments, the nice lady in line behind me has also come a-stalking. I must go to these group thingies more often; you meet great people there. Maybe next time I'll actually be on time as well.

We're going to be back in Washington for The Puyallup Fair on the 19th and 20th (and maybe 21st) of September. I'm going to see if I can score me some more of that Lopi I bought last year. Nobody at all will be invited to be my conscience, but I'm going to take ONLY cash so I can't just haul out plastic and cause myself a long-lasting injury when I'm there. If anyone I met (or anyone I didn't [hi Libby! Sorry I missed you!]) is around during those days, drop me a line and let me know; maybe we can hang out and commit some sort of public knittery.

The rest of our time in the Seattle and Tacoma areas was great.

We went to Waughop Lake (is that how you spell it?)

Hung out in the sun (ok, the picture's a little dark but I still think he's cute):

Took the dishcloth for a nice cruise down Five Mile Drive:

The dishcloth was very disappointed that we wouldn't take it over this bridge:

The bridge leads to Gig Harbor and there is a yarn store there I wanted to see, however the rush hour traffic was such that I rapidly reconsidered. I'm not all that interested in sitting in an un-air-conditioned vehicle for two hours in close to 100F weather, with a cranky five-year-old in the car. Not good for anyone's physical or mental health.

Friday night we went to The Crab Pot for dinner (too lazy to link) and while waiting, Missy Moo indulged in one of her favourite pastimes -- riding the carousel:

Friday night, Ben and Eleanor were both tired, but seeing I had the bookbookbook in my possession, I was eager to start reading it. I purchased a six-pack of Widmer's Hefeweisen (one of the reasons I would move to the US without a second thought) a set of steak knives (they don't sell them in singles at MegaFoods, it would seem) and a lemon, and set myself up in a little nest in the bathroom and drank three of them while avidly reading and trying not to spit all over the place.

It would seem that, according to this book, I knit too much. Page 294 -- "You know you knit too much when ... you take knitting to a wedding, in case there's a little time before the bride comes down the aisle. Double points if you are the bride."

I wasn't the bride on Saturday, but I was the official photographer. And I took knitting.

Saturday, as noted, was spent at Ben's mother's wedding, which was a grand success, and then driving home for 800 hours in the blazing heat. Well, it felt like 800 hours. I've always thought that a/c in cars in the Pacific Northwest was the height of pretentiousness but I've never lived in The Deep South before (apparently the border of TDS has moved north from Portland and now starts in Vancouver, BC) so this may be a position I'm willing to reconsider.

I was going to get all creative and card Juno's wool tonight but it's now 11:15 and I start work at midnight, so the carding action will have to happen (and be photographed) tomorrow. For now, I've got to make lunch. I'm not quite insane enough yet to forfeit food for carding.

Not quite.


At last. A picture of the green dishcloth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am so glad you had a good time. And I also love finding stuff in her book that I have done too.
Wow, that's really green. But it is a lovely dishcloth.

Did the Harlot get the yarn you left for her? Inquiring minds want to know!
dammit, why can't yo ucome on a weekend. i am going to go have a tantrum now. Aw hell, maybe by then I"ll be unemployed! ;-)
My husband mumbled something about the Puyallup Fair being worth the drive so maybe we will get there this year. Money's tight though (damn Telus lock-out) so it (and everything else) is in a wait-and-see situation.
You like our Sea Monkey Beer? I would move to Canada in a second to be closer to Kokanee. Sigh. Say hi for me.
Visiting would be fun. Public Knittery would be fun. Tagging along to the Puyallup would be fun. Drop a line when it gets closer, eh?
Dude, I'm offically retarded. I'm just now seeing that you mentioned me :(

Oh least reading your archives gives me great joy while I'm sitting here with my thumb jammed up my nose wasting time before they "release" me from my desk tonight...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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