Thursday, August 18, 2005


A Public Service Announcement

One can't be too careful. Himself has just worked a thirteen-hour shift.

Behold my latest dyeing project. For anyone who likes yellow and orange, it's gonna be nice. For anyone else, oh well, avert your eyes.

It was done the same way as Rachael's "not clownbarf", with the colours and the wool layered in the pot and then heated.

This wool has a special purpose, which I shall reveal in a couple of days after it's been rinsed and dried and carded.

Stay tuned for breaking news.

You can be such a tease sometimes.
I guess that is one of the many reasons I keep coming back.
You're becoming a one-woman yarn factory. It's positively frightening. If they'd kept your lawn green I imagine you'd have installed a flock of sheep, am I right?
Orange? I can only guess that Claudia had something to do with this....

Either that or you are going to knit yourself the world's largest handspun pumpkin.

I love the Not Soup sign. That would be a requirement at my house, too.
Love the orange, love the "not soup" sign. The yarn is going to be great! :)
OMG, I LOVE the sign. Looks like you've got the same kind of family I do. If it's in a pot and on the stove, must be edible.
Does it smell like soup?
Franklin, yes, sheep and alpacas. Lots of them, all over the lawn.

MarQ: if you make soup that smells like this, please never invite me for dinner, as I am not fond of vinegar/soap/sheep soup.
Wow, as a dyer you have no fear. I'll be coming to you for dying advice. I have at least a pound of natural rovings that would love to be varigated so that I would spin it with more dedication and enthusiasm. You're finding that this layering thing really works eh? Hmmm, I wonder if the technique would work equally well on already-prepared roving?
Snerk. And I happen to sort of *like* the clownbarf yarn. Of course, you're talking to someone who once knit a sweater out of a variegated yarn that could best be described as "clown in a blender" (think clownbarf with alot of red thrown in).
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