Tuesday, August 09, 2005


A Productive Night

Worked the graveyard at my "other" job last night, slept part of the day, hung with my kid and then tackled some fleece production.

You may remember this from an earlier post:

Which, after drying, became this:

We teased it, thusly (while yelling nanny-nanny-boo-boo all the time. We're nothing if not good teasers):

And then ran it through the drum carder:

I have no idea how to blend fibres, as my spinning instructor ran away on vacation to Ontario before we could talk about it, so I just tossed everything in together and carded it twice. When the fibre refuses to cooperate, taking a dog slicker -- um no, it's a carding comb, honest, I didn't get this for $7 at the pet store -- and running it across the fibre while twirling it about on the carder works wonders.

And we ended up with this. Nine little batts of yellow and green Cheviot and Romney with a little bit of pink and peach tossed in for good measure.

I think it looks pretty spiffy. It's heading out to live with Juno later this month.

I can't wait to see what she does with it -- she spins good!

Tomorrow, more of the white Cheviot which is destined to be a Fishermans sweater for my husband. My husband who has a 54" chest, and who is short in the arms.

THAT's gonna be a labour of love.

And of a couple of years.

It's awfully nice of you to document your process so thoroughly. For me, with no carder and no wheel and no chance of getting either, it's like magic watching giant chunks of dingy lint turn into something smooth and pretty and colorful. Somehow, even though you show every step, it still doesn't always seem quite possible. Wow.
Well, THAT is just lovely. I wasn't sure what to expect when you showed he before pictures, but I'm impressed.

I'm currently designing a sweater for a husband who has a "bay window" and who otherwise has a slim, light frame. It's gonna take some thinking...
Those colors really blended up beautiful. My envy of the drumcarder continues....
Wow. I mean..dude..wow. I had no idea...

And seeing it go from point A to point B...


Thank you.

So pretty. So excited about this.
When I scrolled down really fast, the first picture looked like a big plate of turkey and dressing. The colors turned out great--maybe a turkey hat?
Tag! You're it. Mwahahahahaa. Go to my blog and see what must happen, please.

Love what you're doing with da wool. I must say, it seems as though you have a good eye for colour.
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