Monday, August 15, 2005



And this is Diamond.

OK, all done now.

Shut up.

One for each human, right? Aw, he's a sweetie too. Who sleeps with whom?
You just went from one cat to four, you know. Obviously, Laurie's poop posts didn't make a dent.

My 11-year-old niece was captivated by your pictures. She's already been bribed with the promise of the puppy (they're moving), but I think she just got ambition. "I like all pets," she said.
Okay, now you're just my hero.
3 new cats? Lady, you crazy. Has the Existing Cat had a stroke yet from the horror of the new ones?

There ain't nuthin cuter than a kitten or three though. Very hard to say no to, particuarly when they curl up under your chin and purr.

Want my incredibly expensive self cleaning litter robot? If we can figure a way to get it over the border....
I'm melting. I see nothing wrong with having 4 cats. Nothing at all. We can't have them here in our apartment and I miss having kitties...but kid has asthma so...

Turtles are just not that cute.
You do realize don't you, that hand spun cat fur matts before you even get a chance to knit it?


Sorry, gotta stay away from kitties no matter how cute they may be.
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