Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Obsession is a Nasty Word

I'm not obsessed. Merely vigorous in my enthusiasms.

A little peek at my latest spinning effort. This is it, half-way through the Andean Plying process. Nowhere near perfect but a hell of a lot more even.

And here it is after plying. I'd knit with it.

And here is a quick peek at the wool I dyed for Juno. Despite the reflection of the green bin in which it's drying (the bin is deep, there has been lots of wind), there is quite a bit of green and gold in this. I'm hoping after I card it (tomorrow) that it'll look like something she wants to spin with. Actually I'm secretly hoping it's not, as I love these colours. *g*

Due to relatively high winds around here, coupled with gloriously sunny days, I have had to come up with some creative ways of using the beautiful sun and heat to dry all of the fleece I washed without having it blow away. Upon seeing this on the front lawn my husband said, nervously, "What did that one do?"

Yes, my lawn is grey and beige and brown. They're supposed to pay me to take care of the yard. They haven't. I haven't. Well, today I broke down and did some watering, and will do so again tomorrow, but that's just because I don't want the damned place to burn to the ground. There's still stuff to spin in my house!

I set the drum carder up outside today:

Yes, I know you've all seen it before but I'm showing off. Duh.

Here, the beauteous machine's maiden voyage:

And here you see the end results. Four nice big bouncy batts, for remarkably little effort. (Well, once I started feeding the fleece through the carder there was little effort. Let's not discuss the fiber prep, mmkay?)

I am very pleased with these. Perhaps a little more vegetable matter than I would have left in if I were giving them to someone else to spin, but I'll be spinning these myself, and the few little bits left in there will come out in the spinning process anyhow.

Dog, this is fun.

What tempting batts!

I may be caving. . .
Get a wheel and I'll send you some ...
I have horrible, nasty drum carder envy.
i must have a drum carder. must. also, people say obsession like it's a dirty word, ha! revel in your obsession! remember that commercial of the 90s? something about a thin line between obsession and madness? well, if madness is on one side of the line, then anything on the others gotta be good right? so, obsession=good, positive, fluffy, happy. that's how i look at it when people say i have a fiber obsession, 'your obsessed' simply means 'your quite a ways away from invoking madnes, you go girl!'

yeah, all my rationalizations are based on commercials from the 90s. keeps me sane.
Suddenly I have a craving for a drum carder.

NO, must not buy more toys.
I would knit with that, too. It must be such a charge to knit with yarn you created yourself. Wow.

I admit to being happy that life in a small city apartment with barely room for a spindle, let piles of drying fleece and a drum carder, is keeping me from doing something Very Silly.

(And if you know of a way that spinning could take place in the above circumstances, please be a dear and keep it to yourself.)
Ok let's be honest...what did you do to the rest of the rabbits you obviously took their tails from?
Bugs Bunny himself would be proud to wear those as his cotton-tail. I know that's not what it is, but it looks that fluffy and soft!
I'm so jealous! You're doing beautiful things there and I can't even talk the damn wheel into taking up my (so-called) yarn.
Very inspiring obsession! Me want drum carder.
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