Wednesday, August 31, 2005



I'm speechless (yes, me) as I look at the insane wreckage left behind by Katrina. I used to work with a woman named Katrina and she was a giant screaming bitch, but even she didn't cause this sort of mess (not for lack of trying).

Being speechless, I shall now spend 800 words telling you how I can't say a thing about it.


Gaile over at Fidgety Budgie has asked what we can all do to help, and I have a great need to do something. Clearly, although I'm the "Universal Donor" (blood type O neg.) giving blood won't make any difference as I can't think they'll ship it from Canada all the way to Louisiana. Therefore as soon as I'm finished with Oliver's Wool, I'm going to dye up something else (maybe the Romney that's been pissing me off so much, maybe some Cheviot, who knows?) and list it on eBay, the proceeds of which auction will be sent to America's Second Harvest.

Suggestions for colours, anyone? I'm thinkin' either green or purple. Prolly not both.

Gimme a couple of days to get the evil that is this series of double shifts out of my system (I should be human again by Friday) and I'll get on it.

In the meantime, any and all other suggestions will be welcomed!

ha! I was thinking that same thing about a raving bitch named Katrina who tried to comandeer the knitting class she was in (which I was supposed to be teaching), but I couldn't post it on my blog because she reads it... so thanks for saying it for me.
Money, money, money! I like your idea of selling something. I think money is just about the only thing that can help.

And as it turns out, green and purple is my favorite color combination.
Giving blood almost always matters. Even though it's unlikely that YOUR pint of blood will travel directly to the damaged area. Think of it as a chain reaction: the damaged area pulls blood supplies from areas nearby it. Those areas are now depleted, and they pull from the areas nearby them, and so forth. If you are a universal donor, your donation ALWAYS matters!

Welll.. the Louisiana flag has a stork and some babies on it, in a blue background. You could do a white/yellow/blue colourway or something.

Hell.. I don't know. ;)
Well, you just hit the nail smack dab on the head. My hubby's favorite colors are purple and green. So we agree on half of everything. LOL. As mine are Black and Purple.
I think anything you come up with will be just great. All your other stuff has been.
You know the "pink ribbon " thang for Breast Cancer? Anti-hunger's ribbon is orange.

Not being a spinner, I'll just be sending some green. Also to A2H (you knew that, didn't you?)
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