Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Last (close) Call!

or, "How Likker Saved the West". A silent movie by Rabbitch.

The story opens with our heroine, the small and valiant Rabbitch, quietly sitting at her computer, reading blogs and minding her own business.

{cue ominous music-type stuff}

Unbeknownst to her, a shadow hovers over her happiness. A shadow that can only bring grief to all concerned. The shadow of ...

The Moth

Smiling a little to herself, Rabbitch reaches out and raises a can of the world's (or at least the province's) finest, beloved by rabbits and skeins of purple wool completely lacking in moral fibre:

Tipping her head back to let the last golden drops trickle into her mouth, she spies ...

The Moth

Much shreiking and whapping ensues, because to paraphrase Stephanie when your house is mostly made out of wool, there is no level of horror and destruction that is inappropriate in reaction to the sighting of a moth.

I think I got it. Either that or it fell into the uncarded Clownbarf, but I think it's close to dead if not already there.


And to think, if I was all daintylike and drank out of a GLASS instead of the CAN, the creeping evil would have remained undiscovered.

Who says having no class is a bad thing?

Wow. What do they look like? We have lots of bugs in our flat but I don't know which are moths. I'm learning to spin, so I'm a bit nervous.
Oh, and thanks for the excuse to drink from the can. In case I get an attack of classitis I'll think of that.
I can't drink out of a can...the head on the Guinness is too important to me ;-)

You never know, it might have been a different kind of moth, but they're equally hateable...my kitchen suffered an insurgence of something called an "Indian Mealy Moth," I had to wash out every single cupboard and throw away anything flour- or nut-like (excepting myself, of course) and start over with properly sealed everything. For weeks I refused to be anywhere in the house without being armed with a long-handled broom and a warcry. That's when my kid learned to say "fuck."
Hmmmm.....I was going to cut hysteria short by suggesting that there are many kinds of moths and its only the clothes moth that you need worry about. I did an internet search to find a picture.


It's hard to tell from your long range photo, but I'm guessing you may resume your hysteria.
Oh, wait. Reading a little further in the article I found this:

"Adults of both species are buff-colored". That little sucker on your ceiling doesn't look buff coloured does it?

All emergency personnel please stand down.
class is overrated baby, it's all about style. and you've got that in batts!
Moths love beer :--)
Ha! That made me laugh out loud.

But seriously. I hate to be insensitive to the earth's precious creatures, but moths are gross. Wool-eating or not. Yuk. Kill it dead.
No if you drank it from a glass, you wouldn't be you.
I had major moth issues before my move..found a silk rug in the back of a cupboard that had been rendered into a pile of goo. I had seen some moths around for a while, but presumed they came from my ex-roomates fetid room or somewhere else in the building. First thing I did when I discovered them was haul out my kilt and wool jacket/vest, give them a good inspection and beating and laid them in the sun for a while. Clothes moths dislike being beaten and placed in direct sun. as do most of us.

Small pearl of wisdom from the brother?
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