Thursday, August 11, 2005


It's all about Mememe

I seem to be "it" this week.

Hockey Mom has asked me to list five things I miss about my childhood. Micky has also tagged me for the same meme. Without going into great detail, there was a hell of a lot about my childhood that I and the rest of the world would be better off forgetting. However it wasn't all bad. I'm pretty sure I can find five things.

1. Getting to go out and pick my own apple off the tree in the orchard, and then eating it before going to bed, when we visited my grandparents in England.

2. Eating ice cream with raspberry sauce from the truck that came up and down our street.

3. Going down to the railway station to see the trains with my Grandpa.

4. Pony riding down on the flats (after we came to Canada).

5. Playing with paint and clay and doing all sorts of art projects like making my own paper dolls and their clothes until someone told me I had no talent and I stopped. (I have talent, but really it isn't for making paper dolls. They all looked like they had some sort of eating disorder and were bred from parents who were regrettably closely related.)

Stacey has asked me to list five idiosyncracies. I, of course, have none, however as an act of Xian charity or something I shall make something up:

Idiosyncrasy Meme

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1. I can't eat food with bones in it. If I am eating a steak or a chop and my teeth hit a bone, it reminds me I'm chewing on a dead animal and I get disgusted. Don't even talk to me about fish bones and oh my god canned salmon, I'll never be that hungry. Despite this, there is almost zero chance of my becoming a vegetarian. I have respect for every animal that gave its life so that I could eat and I try to waste as little as possible but if dog didn't want me to eat them, he wouldn't have made them so tasty. I also make soup from animal bones all the time without a second thought.

2. I am a packrat. I have no concept of how much "stuff" I have (and hence usually have insane living conditions because I have no idea of the storage requirements) and I also have no idea why I shouldn't have more stuff. Especially wool. And llama (duck). And baby alpaca silk and ... well, anything but bamboo. NEVER bamboo fibre. Burn tests have proven it to be explosively combustible (and if that's redundant, so be it. It explodes so bad you gotta use two words.)

3. I have no idea what money is worth. I will buy one brand of bread over another, because it is 30 cents cheaper, and then buy an $800 suit because I feel like it. I have fed the cat off a $40 salad plate.

4. I often place insanely high value on things I cannot use. I have a piano and a knitting machine. I cannot use either. I would fight you to the death if you tried to take them. Well, not to the death, but I'd poke you with a pointy stick all righty. One day I shall sit and elegantly play the piano as the knitting machine whirs in the background. I believe I value them because they fit an image of myself that I may never attain, but to which I aspire.

5. I am both deliberate and impulsive. I have a long history of database management; I am frighteningly anal and precise. I will manually review 15,000 records to make sure that "British Columbia" is referenced as BC rather than as B.C. and that there are two spaces between BC and the postal code. Because that is the only correct way. I make long-term plans and budgets and goals. And then I buy a pony on the way home from work because it looked lonely, completely ignoring the fact that I live in a small apartment.

Yeah, I'm wacked all righty.

And to answer your question about "Flower of Scotland", Jean, I was born in Glasgow and my parents are folk singers. That's the sort of thing they get asked to sing at almost every Burns Supper there is.

I love it.

And Elizabeth -- "The Cowwies? Awen't they the ones that sing all that Celtic wubbish?"

Extra points to you if you know where that quote comes from.

Especially since I can't remember, myself, at the moment.

Oh, and I'm supposed to tag five people for both memes. I'll skip the childhood one, but I'll tag Rachael and Ann and Juno and Marcia and Franklin for the idiosyncrasy one because I think they are all pure dead cool.

Caught it! And will reply this afternoon. I think I'll need some help looking for idio's for me :cackle:
Oh yes, Ann, you are so calm and normal ... I look forward to your answers. I asked Ben if I had idiosyncracies and then he chuckled and cringed.
Not lame at all! I don't believe it asked for your best memories, just memories.

I think normal is a relative term, when you compare yourselves to your relatives, you're normal!
Even if you think your childhood was awful, there are always some things that you can remember that made you happy. Even if it was just for a few minutes.
Thanks for playing along.
k. I'm in. I might do the memory one too, because I really really like to talk about myself, and then pretend that people are interested.
Yikes, that sounds like an idiosyncrasy...::dashing off to write this down::
You got me! Can`t remember that one...
I got tagged by the idiosyncracies one a while ago and I'm such a wimp, I didn't do it. You're a stronger woman than I, lady R...

I asked my husband if I had any idiosyncracies and he said I was a walking idiosyncracy. I still am not sure what he meant by that, but I intend to obsess about it until I don't care anymore what he meant.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that "anal and precise" thing going on. I am so easily irritated by misspellings, wonky punctuation, and the like.

One of my cow-orkers and I are in a date-format war. I am a firm believer in simplicity. Today is 8/12. He likes zeroes: 08/12. This irritates me to no end. So every time I add a note to a file he's worked on, I go through and delete all his zeroes. Then he opens the file back up and sprinkles zeroes liberally. We don't discuss it, we just do it. It would be funny if it weren't so damn annoying.
Oh by the way you are always IT.
I about had a heart attack when I read:
Cause it's hillarious and I knew what it was.
awesome - I love your idiosyncrasy list - and number 5 proves to me without a doubt that even though we come from warring clans, somewhere back in our individual histories are two sisters laughing their asses off...
Okay. I was so impressed with myself at being nominated for a MEME, that I kinda skimmed over that part of your post where you said that your parents are folk singers.

As in, your mother and your father...they sing the folk songs.

Your, as in ,You, as in Rabbitch.

I know this is soooo wrong, but I'm picturing that SNL skit from a few years back. The music teachers.

Sorry. Not the same. So Wrong. But yet....the image lingers.

But no, hey, there ya go. All righty, then. ::That's kind of my Midwest Canadianese, West Michigan style::
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