Saturday, August 13, 2005


Introducing ...

This is Tracey:

And this is Tigger:

We're not going to be getting a lot of sleep for a while.

To follow up on the bank situation, I had called the bank about the deposit even before I made that post, and after two or three days of messing around, they found out where the money really belonged and returned it.

Yesterday's wool is not going to look like clownbarf, so I need not fear the Wrath of Lala. I'm heading out to work in an hour -- more photos tomorrow.


Awww...look at them! There's nothing like a fuzzy kitten purring like a motor all curled up against your chest. Until the wee pointy claws poke through, at least (try trimming just a little bit once a week so they get used to it).
squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! They are the sweetest!! Hope you don't have fancy curtains, but who cares with that kind of cuteness!:-)
Awwww. If I hadn't just dropped a fortune at the vet, I could be convinced.
They are adorable! Please post kitty pictures on a regular basis,k? I miss mine and the only way to get my fix is through all the bloggers that post pics of theirs.

I bet Miss E is beside herself.
The fur babies are adorable!!!
So what color did the fuzz come out????
awwwwww...such sweet little kitten faces!!! They're so much fun at that age, enjoy!!
cuties cuties cuties
You aren't growing them for their fur are you?
damn you posting kitten-y cuteness when I only have room in my apartment for one cat (the divine Miss P as I call her) still I suppose if you post pics it will be like the best part of having a kitten without the drawbacks like no 4 am raids on my head
Ooooh, I love the kitties.


Where are the Not-Clownbarf pictures I was promised?
What fine and fluffy looking little additions to the household. =) If only they could stay that small and adorable and loving instead of growing into self-centered feeding machines who demand to be loved in the middle of the night.
The cuteness!

And hey, now insted of dish cloths, you can knit green cotton cat toys! ;) Congratulations on your new family members.
I fear I am suffering from kitten induced insanity - but if I add any more 4 leggers to the household I'll be over the city limit. Maybe I could get a livestock permit and say I use the fuzz in production (it becomes a part of everything anyway).
The kittens are adorable!
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