Monday, August 22, 2005


In A Cottage, In A Wood

Today I received news that the house we are longing to move into is a couple of steps closer to being vacant.

I haven't posted about it much (if at all) because a) I don't want to jinx the deal, b) the reason it's going to come empty is that the current tenants are hopefully going to be evicted and I didn't want you all to think I was beneath contempt for hoping for someone else's misery (when there are already so many valid reasons for thinking so), and c) I'm old and often by the time I sit down to post anything I've forgotten all about the house.

Anyhow, the current tenants are evil, and if anyone actually "deserves" to be evicted, it would be they (them? Whatever). A friend of mine lives next door, and has done for about 12 years now. The setting is perfect, the street is near-silent, there is a forest out back (hence the title of this post), and it's pet-friendly.

Since the new tenants moved in next door 20 months ago, there has been at least one incident of their vicious dog biting someone (I think it's more like twice) and several incidents of their dog being off-leash and out of the yard and chasing people, with clear intent to harm (this is NOT a puppy who "just wants to play". Think Cujo, but not quite as nice.)

The dog barks day and night, the yard is covered with cars in different stages of disrepair, their mobile home, which was ordered off the street due to either a lack of insurance or to parking bylaws is now on my friend's lawn rather than their own, etc. etc. etc. My friend's garden hose was "mysteriously" cut and the neighbours across the street have had rocks and dirt thrown at them (as well as a lot of abuse). Nobody in the house works, which in and of itself isn't a crime, but it seems that several dozen of their friends have no visible means of support either and are in and out of the house day and night.

The noise level, coupled with the belches of blue smoke from the barely-functional vehicles is indescribable.

Sound like people you'd like to live next to? I didn't think so.

Anyhow, my friend has said that after many complaints to the District (the houses are properties held by the District, and the rent is cheap) the mayor finally came down to visit her and the other neighbour last week, accompanied by two "ghost cars" full of policemen. I guess she took the threats seriously.

The mayor and/or her office are reviewing the logs of incidents and the complaints, and will be talking to my friend about what they can do next, some time this week.

I've been on the District's housing rental list for at least a year now, so there is the possibility that if they manage to get rid of the evil people, we will have a chance to rent it.

A house. Backing on to forest and with enough room to lay out and dry a couple of fleeces at once. Three bedrooms and a family room, next door to someone I already know and like. For less than $100 a month more than what we pay now for a small two-bedroom apartment with no decent garden to speak of.

I should know what'a happening within a few weeks. All good thoughts and crossed fingers (as long as that doesn't hamper the spinning and knitting and such) are appreciated.

Oh shit. You think I can get my entire stash into a one-ton truck?

All good wishes and evil thoughts winging your way.

TEMIL (The Evil Mother In Law, formerly Ann)
I doubt you can get it all in a 1 ton truck--it took us 3 trips (with a pickup truck packed completely full, 8-ft bed, no little shortie bed for my hubby and a trailer, also fully loaded, and we had about 30,000 lbs. per trip--before I started knitting and accumulating stash). So good luck, and remember, a true friend will help you move!
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A good friend may help you move. But an even better friend will come pick up your stash and hold (fondle) it for you (until you have to come take it back by gun-point), until you want it back. No, I haven't thought about it, much.
All the happy thoughts I can muster coming your way. And as soon as my Rogue yarn gets here, I will be able to muster lots more.
Oh, I'm fervently wishing and hoping for this to come true for you. You've had a rough year and deserve it. Perhaps you ought to start clearing out some of that wool now, just in case *coughsendittomecough*
fingers are crossed--toes are crossed....
Those people do sound evil. I won't wish you good luck, because that's bad luck, so um, break a leg or snip some yarn or something. :D
all digits and good thoughts and candles lit etc, all coming your way girl, you deserve it! my well wishes have nothing to do with wanting to camp in your yard for months at a time while I escape the insanity that is my own country. nope. purely altruistic, really. ;-) ps we have lots of extra boxes. I will bring them up in person.
I'll sacrifice some chicken (nuggets) in your honor honey. Best of luck!!!
I hope it happens! Just this morning, I was writing about my dream cottage, and what I want it to look like. I'll have to win the lottery for mine, but your's is in your grasp! If it goes on too long, just plant some rotten eggs around so they get the message.
Good luck, toots.
...the mayor by the window stood, saw a rabbitch hopping by, pounding on the door.

"Help me, help me, sir!" she said, "before I shoot those neighbors dead!"

"Little rabbitch, come in, hon', before you kill someone."

I hope you get your house. I've always loved that camp song (well, not this version).
Why sure you can get it in a 1 ton truck! You may end up taking 10 trips, but one by one, you will get it all in. ;-)

If not, I'm willing to go out of my way to pick up that bulky drum carder so you will have more space.

Best Wishes.
Good Luck!
Is there anything your friend can do to at least get the motor home off her lawn?
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