Sunday, August 21, 2005


I'm Walkin' on Sunshine

And now, the story of the yellow/orange wool.

I dyed this with a very special purpose in mind. As many of you know, Emma has a darling boy, Oliver, who is her sunshine. He's in need of some specialized medical equipment, and seeing her family is "rich", having 21 pounds a month left over after expenses, they don't qualify for a whole lot of public assistance.

This reminded me of when I tried to go back to school and found out that although I had a good credit rating and a solid 25-year work history, I was ineligible for a student loan, as I was too "wealthy" to get one. Yes, it makes sense to give loans to those who have no credit rating and no work history over those who have demonstrated their ability to pay back their debts. But I digress (again ... how startling!)

Anyhow, despite being allegedly wealthy, I have approximately sweet-fuck-all left after paying rent and food and utilities, and the bills go in the hat every month to see who's going to get paid this time. I do, however, have one great resource, that being about ninety billion pounds of wool, and a whole lot of dye and determination.

I therefore dyed this wool for Oliver, and asked Emma's permission to put it up in an eBay auction, the proceeds of which will go to "Olivers Fund". She has given me her permission to do so and the fleece is dry enough to card, so I did up the first batt tonight, and it's even lovelier than I had hoped it would be.

Viola, the Rabbitch-dyed "Sunshine":

This has got to be my all-time favourite colour -- almost exactly the same shade as the yolks of free-range chicken eggs.

I'm going to get the rest of it carded up within the next few days and it'll go up on eBay for auction by Wednesday at the latest. There should be at least 10 batts of it. Keep an eye out for further details if you're interested. My eBay name is rabbitworks_studios.

I'm tempted to bid on it, myself, dammet ...

It is very nice. I hope it raises a big chunk of change for you.
I have no $$ to spare until the Telus strike ends, but I'll be visiting your Ebay auction and wishing you well.
you tempt me woman, you seriously tempt me. i haven't bought fiber on ebay since i got a boxful of pilly nasty shit that i can't do anything with. i may just have to go try to buy all 10 bats! are you selling them individually, or as one lot? i love that color!
Thanks! I'm going to card them all up and see how much it weighs. I'll likely sell it in one lot unless it's WAY too much.
That is a beautiful color. And purpose.
You a nice lady. You look all tough and shit, but you're just bone deep good and kind.
ok, woman, i hit ebay today, and it's not for sale! did you sell it already, or not offered it yet? i'm crying!
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