Wednesday, August 03, 2005


All By Myself ...

... don't wanna be ... all by myself ...

Yeah, I can't get that damned song out of my head either. You're welcome.

Anyhow, it would seem that I'm taking off tomorrow for the Seattle leg of the bookbookbook Tour. My "alleged" friend Gayle seems to be unwilling to risk life and limb and continued employment to join me there, so I'm a-skeered I'm going to be sitting all alone.

There's a lady named Patti who identifies herself as having "long silver hair and a full sleeve koi tattoo" who says she's going to join me there. I can hardly imagine being in the presence of such coolness, seeing I have not yet garnered the courage to get even a tiny tattoo ...

So, anyone else going to join me and Patti? (Patti, please dog tell me you're still coming because I don't do crowds well and I know this isn't about me but really, it is *g*).

Like I said before, I have visions of sitting there all alone, knitting one of the Vile Green Dishcloths (you KNOW I'm taking one with me, don't you?) and muttering "assbeagle" to my imaginary friends ...

And nervous as I am at going into a crowd alone, at least I'm going into a crowd full of people who understand that you have to smell yarn. And at least I'm not the one who has to do the talking up at the podium.

I'm going to the Harlotfest over at Weaving Works for the 6:00 frenzy. Be there or be octagonal.

Or not.

I wish I did not live a gazillion million kilometers away. Okay, a few thousand. Other side of very big country. I and my tattooless arms and my swatch bunnies would be happy to go smell yarn with you. Give Stephanie a big hug from me. (I'm american. We do that. Thankfully, she also hugs back so I don't feel like such a dork.) Have a blast. I'm going to go try to get that song out of my head now...beuuuuurrrkkkk I hate that song...

Smelling fleece, on the other don't have to get all that close to smell the fleece...
Even if you arrive by yourself, you won't be in any way alone. Trust me. Oh, and make sure to ask about Memphis.
I will DEFINITELY be there . . . I live half a block away, how could I not go??

I look forward to seeing some dishcloths.
I so want to be able to see the Harlot. Oh but she was only in my neck of the woods once, and I didn't know about it till way after. And she probably will never be any closer. Ah well. Enjoy it for me too!
You would like a tattoo. But once you got the first one, you will want many, many more. They are almost as addictive as yarn. So just imagine. I have only hoarded 10 myself so far.
I am imagining what kind you might get.
I'll be there with my knitting newbie SO, playing hooky from work and trying not to blow grocery money on Noro. Heck, I'll probably be at Third Place in the afternoon just to see Yarn Harlot twice in one lifetime.
Saw her on Monday, and she was awesome! Totally hilarious and worth the 150 mile drive! Hope you have a great time! :)
would you settle for a trapezoid? I almost hope your friend doesn't show up, the image of you sitting and muttering 'assbeagle' is delightful!
You won't be alone. I'll be there.

Step away from the green cotton. Keep your hands in sight. Dishcloths, honestly. I thought you were cured. Buy something nice and fondle it all through the Harlot's speech. Maybe you can throw her.

And if anyone out there actually gets to the event and sees the bunnie muttering "assbeagle", please take pictures.
Christ. I'm still sober and I thought you were telling me to fondle yarn and then throw it AT the harlot.


yes. nevermind.

And you can bet I'm taking a dishcloth. Who would recognize me otherwise?
Oh SHIT! I saw her at Third Place with Ryan and TMK because I had my son with me and didn't think we could deal with Weaving Works! I'm sorry I missed you - I bet you had a good time anyway. I would have loved to have met you - your blog is one of my regular reads.
Man, I wish I had seen your blog before today - I probably talked to you when you got to Weaving Works!

Glad you made it :)
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