Monday, August 01, 2005


100% of Your Daily Fiber Requirement

Oh, you people. Just stop.

OK, to clarify: I got a call from Bill the Sheep Man (that's what he called himself when I tried to get my daughter to call him Mister) at 10ayem yesterday in response to an email I had sent him a couple of weeks ago, saying that the little lamb fleece he had asked me to card and spin (and which precipitated all of this fiber frenzy, seeing I didn't even have a wheel when he asked me to do it) was going well, and that if he had some more fleece later on that I would take it off his hands.

Apparently later on means "right away and of course there is room in my less-than-1000-square-feet apartment for another five or six sheep and please to bring them over thank you." Well, that's not exactly true. He didn't bring them over; I had to go pick them up.

Anyhow, I went and picked up this huge sack (it's taller than my kid), came back, dumped it outside and then took my kidlet for a nature hike. At no point during this nature hike:

... did the fleece pixies appear and start throwing shit-laden wool at me.

Yes, Trixie, I WAS that cute when I was a kid.

I'm still that sweet. Shut up. Bitch.

I washed almost a whole sheep's worth of fleece yesterday when I was supposed to be napping.

I took this:

Which became this:

And then, after many washings, this:

Which then took a quick spin in the machine to get rid of the excess water:

(A move which, I would like to note, would have horrified the people upstairs who, I am still convinced, starch and iron their toilet paper)

And which ended up looking like this:

Chunks of this are out on the lawn in the sun, drying, even as we speak.

I think I've tested Blogger's indulgence far enough today with regard to the number of pictures that can be included in one post. Going out to set up my table and get the drum carder out and work on that little fleece for a while. Pictures of that, some actual knitting, and The Utterly Fearless Dyeing Project (some wool for Juno) later on, after I've had some fun in the sun and maybe a beer.

Maybe two.

That's a vast improvement. Well done, industrious one.
Wow, you go. I am in total awe of you and your craftiness. The pics is a great story in itself. Have fun and have a beer for me.
waht the hell, go for the 6pack
pretty white wool. i just can't get the hang of washing and carding. i tried and my labor sits in the bottom bin, unable to be spun, and scowling at me. yours, however, i'm sure will be spun in no time!
I am fascinated to see what the dying project comes up with. Pretty, fluffy wool...

Anyway I thought you did sleep?

You know, without a few Zzzs, the whole system begins to break down.
Without a few zzzs, you're going to end up with ten sheep in that apartment ;-)
Maybe you should count the sheep and that would put you to sleep ??


I am really concerned that you now have more wool in your possession than most sheep have in an average lifetime.

Oohh and look ! Another CUTE picture of the BunniGirl who will someday grow up to be as **hrumph** SWEET as you....
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