Thursday, July 21, 2005


Tempest in a Teacup

OK, hopefully we've all gotten that out of our systems.

Joe and I have emailed back and forth, cordially, and I'd like to put this all behind us. Well, if I put much more behind me there's going to be some sort of law passed, but you know what I mean.

I have a great urge to now say "Birdies in their nest agree" in a sickly-sweet, coy tone, just like my mother used to do. I wanted to punch her every time she said it, and now she's over 70 I can possibly run fast enough to get away from her afterwards. I wouldn't count on it, though.

And now, in local news, I have a visitor! The lovely Janis and the hopefully-equally-lovely Mr. Yarn have decided to grace my fair city with their presence. We're getting together tomorrow and will eat lunch someplace fun (where I hopefully won't drop all of my food on my chest) and then spend some time at the Aquarium.

I haven't warned them yet that my husband's working graveyards, so I'm going to bring Her Surreal Highness with me so that he can sleep. Many pictures will be taken.

I just realized that I have no idea what she looks like. She's seen the photos on this blog, but maybe I should wear rabbit ears, just to be safe ...

If you wear rabbit ears, SOMEBODY has to take a picture...

Re: yesterday, well done. Took guts.
Oooh! Have fun ladies and gentleman. I can't wait to see the visitor pics.

Psst, I got my wheel yesterday. I'm about to spaz big time I'm so excited!
Your mother really truly used to say "Birdies in their nest agree," no fooling?

I swear I thought that something that only Marmee in Little Women said. Or was it Beth? It was one of them.

My mother's equivalent was "Knock it off right now or I'm going to kill both of you!" She's from Detroit. And she has a mean left hook.
Ooh baby. Rabbit ears? Do you have a Playboy bunny outfit and you haven't modeled it yet? For shame.
I am an only child so I spent a lot of time alone. I have played every game under the sun alone. The bad thing is if you spill something or make noise, you can't blame it on anyone else.
Little House on the Prairie? Sounds like a "Ma" quote when Laura and Mary fight over the last piece of jonnycake.

Carol S.
Green with envy! This is getting silly - I really need to just get in the damn car and drive up and have lunch with you. Do you ever go to like Surrey or anything or is that slumming? We need to do food and then do yarn shopping or something!
Franklin and Carol S.: Yes, that's the sort of thing my mother would say, thinking she was funny. I would think it explains quite a lot.

What is jonnycake, btw? Sounds like a name for those little thingies they put in urinals ...

And Gayle, yes, I'll do Surrey if you'd like. Well, not all of Surrey. Just the part that buys me drinks first. But you know what I mean.
a johnny cake was also known as a journey cake. it's basically cornbread without the leavening. travels for ever, just gets harder with time, and ya break your teeth on it. i wish i was close enough to get in the damned car and come visit you, i'm sure we'd have a blast.
OK I'm late here, but I can't believe anyone missed the opportunity to suggest a bunny tail in lieu of rabbit ears. I mean, really.... hope you had fun.

(can you tell, I've been out of touch and am just catching up?)
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