Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Sultans of String

Today I went for my first spinning lesson. I found out that a) I don't know how long it takes to drive anywhere, b) I could get lost in my own bathroom, c) some of the stuff I've been doing is all wrong and d) some of what I've been doing is all right, and I can make yarn that actually looks like yarn.

And here, an artsy-fartsy shot of the string.

I may never sleep again.

Yummy looking stuff!

But I still won't come over to the dark side!
that's great! mine didn't look nearly that good after my first (and only) lesson. as my son would say, "good do, good do, I say".

can't wait to see more.
Wow! You're doing great. And, I'm flirting with the dark side myself. If hubby goes for the XBox 3 - watch out!
Hehehe, THAT's what I can use as the excuse to buy the wheel: if husband goes for the Playstation 3...

Your yarn looks great!
It looks great! Difficult learning becomes so easy with a proper instructor hey? Now the fun truly begins. You'll love it plied.
Wait - details, woman, details. What was wrong? What was right?

Come on...

Looks wonderful.
Heheh now I have that song in my head.

We are the sultans...


The yarn looks yummy. :)
I am whistling "Gretchen am Spinnrade" in your honor.
Well that's the whole point of taking a class isn't it? All you needed was a little encouragement letting you know you were doing it right. I never had any doubts you could do it.
Nothing rilly to say 'cept you are SO damn funny. Just been catching up, and hellfire. You're killing me. Stop. And look at you and your spinning self!
Isn't this shit just totally addictive? I had my first drop spindle spinning lesson at lunch and I can't wait to get home and practice some more. Your yarn is definitely looking better than mine is. Mine is lumpier and thicker, but my teacher assured me that it'll improve with time. =)
Looks loverly. Spin on.
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