Monday, July 11, 2005


Recycling is Good

Really it is.


That's got to be why I threw myself in the recycling bin tonight.

Went to take out some boxes and newspapers. We have this insanely steep bit at the back of the house, and I'm always worried about Eleanor slipping on it.

Stepped down on it in my sandals, stepped on the shitpile of detritus that's leaked out of the yard waste bags (dried pine needles mostly), feet went in one direction, body went in the other. I landed on my right hip with my right arm in the recycling box.

Managed to get out before they came to pick me up in the morning, but I'm going to have rather a lot of pretty bruises. Nothing broken and thank dog it was pitch dark so nobody saw me (apart from any neighbours who may have night goggles trained on my house).

Mostly all that's hurt is my right hip, all down my ribcage under my right arm, and the heel of my left hand.

I'll be sure to post pictures if the bruises are pretty.

In the meantime, remember to recycle. It's good for everyone.


I think it may be time for you to put an injury photo album in your sidebar. :)

Glad you're ok. Sorry about the bruises. Just think of them as temporary tattoos.
I am glad you didn't let them recycle you. You have many years left before you are any where near your recycling time.
Ice, chica, for the next 48 hours on and off. After that you can switch to soaking in a tub with epsom salts. Also, Arnica gel (you can usually get it at health food markets if nowhere else). The gel is better than the cream. It both stops bruising and accelerates healing of both bruised blood vessels and muscles. Good for the aches, too. Hope you feel better soon!
Okay. Am I a bad person for laughing? I am, I just know it.
Thanks for stopping by my place. I am sure you would look great in that corset. Not all of us are so blessed in the chest.
I'm just catching up on things after being away and my goodness, you've had a full time of it, haven't you?

Your blog is becoming sort of addictive so when I'm out of computer range I may need to start calling you for daily updates, ok? Great. Thanks.
Grace Paley once said in an interview, "In Vermont we understand the real reason to recycle-to meet and chat with your neighbors." Apparently she forgot the gross physical injury part of the deal. And she's in her 80s!
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