Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Quick Update

Crisis (narrowly) averted, rent paid with a dollar to spare (*whew*) and Her Majesty also managed to get some sort of birthday.

Photos to follow shortly. For now, I'm heading to bed, working the midnight tonight due to one of my COWorker's decision to sprain her foot ...

Happy for the extra cash, will regret the lack of sleep.

Stay tuned, real update on Friday.

Happy, happy burrthday, baybeeee

Hope it was wonderful.

(Glad to hear that crisis was averted!)
Whew! glad to hear the crisis has passed, albeit narrowly!
We have another crisis now ! Can you believe that neither HP nor Kuky (nor countless others) have heard of Trixie Belden ? We have to do some major educating. Can you help with the PR blitz ? Brainwashing is a must as both of little girls now or on the way. As your daughter knows or will know shortly, Trixie is a must for every 2nd grader.
Many of us have btdt. I hope that you will be able to enjoy some of our wonderful summer with Her Surreal Highness soon.

Take care
Glad you pulled it off. Hope the rest of your week goes better.
I hope that the remaining dollar doesn't have to stretch too far or for too long. Good wishes coming your way.
I knew you'd pull a rabbit outta of a hat, or knit one!!

I have to learn all those cyber thingys that help with the lack of body (baudy) language.

Glad you are in the clear. You'll never be on the streets (unless that is an adventure you insisted upon) never fear that. We'd, all of us who read this, all of us who know you in person, wouldn't let that happen.

Rest easy.
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