Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The Purple Wool

The purple wool has been niddy-noddied, dried, etc. and we can now see her in all of her beauty. About 90-100 feet of a fairly fine single, don't know what weight (it seems to vary -- fancy that!). Not enough for "something" but certainly enough for some sort of embellishment or trim. And yes, to all who asked (and so kindly commented), she was dyed with red, blue and purple easter egg dye, purchased for 35 cents per package (each containing six colours and a "magic crayon", the magic of which has only recently become apparent, when it fixed some of my wheel's problems).

I love her, however I am beginning to get the feeling that she is, well, how do I say it? A bit of a ho.

Observe her here, with webcam and the other two skeins of handspun we plied today.

It certainly looks to me as if they're trying to make some sort of pornographic recording, perhaps to be put on that evil internest thingie I keep hearing about!

I'm not sure what the hell she's doing here on the Lazy Kate. Some sort of yarn version of pole dancing?

Here she is, taunting the clownbarf yarn which is in the process of being spun up and which promises to be pretty much as "interesting" as I had suspected it might be.

Oh. Well this explains a lot.

Carry on.

I might have expected it of scarlet yarn, but never purple.
Oh, purple's the worst. Especially that gorgeous bluish purple. She always blames it on scarlet, but we all know the truth. Little indigo-chugging slut.

Can I have some of that?

You have brought yarn porn to a whole new level. You're the Larry Flynt of the spinning world!
Giving whole new meaning to wool porn.
Good grief, your house is like Rome just before it fell. Did the police have to be called to break up the party?
It's always the quiet ones....
That yarn wants so bad to be in a border bar! I'm guessing though that any yarn leaving your house better not look back, it's obviously risen to biblical levels of laciviousness in there, what with the dyeing, the draping, the mixing of colors...we all feel so very dirty now...

Thong. That yarn needs to be a thong.
Damn that turned out purty! And such lovely yarn porn... Is there anything you *can't* do? =)
I would pay to see a magazine of yarn porn. And only you could think of such interesting poses for your wool.
What do you expect when you let it drink from a can?
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