Saturday, July 23, 2005


Out for a Drink

This is all I got today, babies. A little pussy.

Had lunch with Janis and Mr. Yarn. Both lovely people, and I have a bunch of aquarium pix (I think) however Missy Moo is in the middle of her first sleepover and has just stabbed one of the other little girls in the eye (it'll heal) and the cat has taken up drinking.

Better post tomorrow, I promise. And in the meantime I can watch my stats soar from all the pervs googling for pussy ...

So now we can look forward to drunken pussy rants too? whooboy...

(There, that ought to get your stats in a twist ;-))

Thanks for your comment, and for cracking me up on a regular basis. Love the cat's choice of stemware. Next thing you know, he'll be asking for a tiara to match. Drunken pussies are demanding that way...
It's not just's Dubble Bubble pussy!
Great post. Even when you don't say a lot, you sure pack a lot in. That's why I love reading you!
One day you get me all excited reading you have bunny ears. That gets me seeing a Playboy Bunny outfit. And then I see the words a little pussy before the picture actually downloaded. You keep my mind in the gutter. Thank you!
Hey stranger ! I would love to know what the stat counter shows. Do a post and tell us, plz
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