Saturday, July 09, 2005


Oh I Think I Just Broke Something

Not to worry -- the injury is from laughing this time, rather than from one of the peculiar domestic mishaps that seem to plague our charming ItGirl (who never posts because she hates me. Or because she's having a life or something).

No, this injury has nothing to do with broken ankles, the 12 stitches I needed in my ass after falling into a hot tub (story for another day) or any of the violence and shit that seems to have taken over the world lo, this last couple thousand years.

This injury is, in fact, pretty much confined to my stomach muscles (my what? who knew?) after spending an evening reading the words of Mark Morford over at something called SF Gate. Something to do with San Francisco, I suppose. I know nothing; I'm about as wordly as the five-day-old kittens I got to smoosh on for a bit today (and yes, we're taking one home in six weeks. shut up.) so I'd never heard of it or him before today.

Hilarious writer, sometimes a little overly heavy on the America-bashing but hell, sometimes someone's gotta say it ... and I've got a couple dozen friends who would stop talking to me if it were I who did so. And I couldn't do it that well anyhow.

Hee! Go read him. Then, after you change your underwear, come back and thank me.

You're welcome.

Thank you for the recommended reading! I just spent an hour laughing my arse off!
Oh, I hope he is wrong about the Aslan movie. That series had me spell bound as a child. I sure hope they don't "f--ing ruin it".
Forget about the reading, tell us about the kitten. Kitten envy, I have kitten envy.

I fell in love with Mr. Mumford last summer, during hurricane season, when the column was entitled something to the effect of "God Hates Florida." It was beautiful, written in the language and meter of an evangelical. You know the kind. The ones that rant that God (whoever she is) hates California because name it., by the way, is the Web presense of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Did you see his article on the new Venus Vibrance razor... simply hilarious. :)
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