Saturday, July 09, 2005


My Week

Apart from the publicly-enacted hysteria, my week has also been busy with other things, for instance:

yes, I am painted like a cat. this is my birthday party. piss off.

Fear of cat? Quite a bit. Fear of cabling?

Not so much.

Missy Moo had her 5th birthday party, followed by her "real birthday" a few days later and then her "birthday shopping day" today. Some may feel that this was excessive. I'm just pleased she didn't demand three cakes because I'm so easy I'd have caved pretty much immediately.

I also decided to take a run at a secret project involving cables. Fuck of a lot easier to learn than casting on and off was.

And now I can't show you the project again until after it's been mailed off and received. This stuff goes so beautifully quickly that I think it'll be done by the end of the weekend.

I sense a new obsession coming on ...

Well their birthdays do only come once a year. So a little extra isn't gonna hurt em.
I want to some day brave the cable front, but for now I am braving a new frontier for me. A garment, to wear even. Looks like you have been doing that for years.
Did I not *tell* you? Huh? Huh!

Cables are NOT hard!

Good job. Is it for me???
What a cutie! I call my girl Missy Moo all the time. Did we hear it somewhere or serendipitiously make it up (like I just did a word?)

I never call her Cakers to her face. btw. She yelled at me for it long ago. Only in third person referencing. For some reason, however, she doesn't mind the Missy Moo. Her grandparents even call her that, now.
OH MY GAWD. When I had my back turned you went and done yersef a cable! ConGRATulations! You done good. Did I not tell you it was simple? Hmmmmm? Now you can impress the hell out of your less knowledgable friends. Cables pack a lot of Oompf for how simple they are to do hey? You go girl.

By the way, the Celtic Knot Pullover is fun to do and it is comfy to wear too. *hint, hint*
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