Thursday, July 28, 2005


Little Pieces of Peach and Lesbian

I'm tired today, so I'm just going to root around in other people's blogs and link to them and stuff so as to make it look like I'm writing something. The above, from the brilliant Ryan just struck me as the funniest thing I've read all day.

I told you, I'm tired. Plus, she's pretty good.

And, speaking of Peachy Lesbians, run and take a look at who is getting hitched!

I told them I was going to send them a salad spinner. That, or matching clown hats made out of the clownbarf yarn, with pompoms made from the purple stuff I just dyed.

Whatchoo think?

I know I never made the chicken hat, but man, this one's tempting ...

You could knit salad spinner hats...

(okay, I'll shut up.)

(but come on, can you imagine it, little pillbox things with a crank on the insanely hilarious...right...okay, maybe just insane...nevermind :-))
I think it's high time ('high' being the operative word) that you customized your banner - I suggest a yarn-barfing clown. Viking chicken hat optional.
What about a double-chicken hat? One that they have to wear together.
I think you should knit them chicken hats out of the clownbarf yarn. :)
I agree with everyone else:

1. it is high time
2. you do need a new banner
3. salad spinner hats are a hilarious idea
4. knit them chicken hats with the barf yarn.
But ... but ... but ... I don't know HOW to do a new banner!

And I wish it WAS high time but alas I work graveyards this weekend, and due to only short-term childcare I have to be all responsible and stuff (I will get three hours of sleep at the most on Sunday).

Oh god ... a chicken hat AND a little salad spinner hat. Dunno if I'm smart enough to make either but it's the best idea anyone's come up with in Quite Some Time.
Banner? Banner? I don't have one either.

For you, I envision a banner showing some sort of rabbit wearing a raw chicken viking hat!

For me? I'm clueless.
Such great news about the happy couple.
Imagine a mascot throwing yarn. That is what I call a good time!
I am sure if you wanted to, you could do anything.
you were right, ryan is funny as fuck. she also inspired me to talk to my local farm team about a stitch & pitch night here (prolly a little late for this year, but, eh, maybe next year?). in fact, i've added her to my daily reads. hmm, i'll have to drop somebody .. . .
For some reason....

this is what I think of when I see the word rabbitch...
I definitely want a chicken hat. My chicken's head is cold.
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