Monday, July 25, 2005


If I'm Lye-ing

I'm dyeing.

The second attempt at dyeing was far more successful than the first, and I must say I'm quite pleased.

Step one:

Take a weird little Rabbitch-spun ball of wool, toss it in a pot with a splash of vinegar (ah! That cidery smell again!) and a squirt of soap.

Step two:

After the wool has soaked for about an hour, turn the heat up a bit. Warm it up slowly. After it is warm, trickle little sploots of colour all over it. Let it sit for a while.

Step three:

After it starts to look interesting, and not at all the colour you were sort of planning but, in a strange way, far better, turn it over and add some more sploots of colour.

Make sure that the water is VERY hot but not boiling.

Step four:

Keep on adding colour, even if it looks like it's going to look stupid. Really, what do you have to lose? Make sure as best you can, without actually scrubbing the wool in any way, that the dye has squooshed all through all of the fibre, so that you don't get weird white bits in the middle.

Step five:

Take it carefully out of the water with a fork. Look in awe and amazement at all of the beautiful colours. Carefully ignore all of the bizarre little towers of overspun yarn.

Step six:

Put it in a cage, huddle over it protectively. Take it out and smell it. Hiss threateningly if anyone else comes too close.


that's really lovely. Love the purplely. today's my dying day, all day I dye so that all week I can spin. I usually employ many techniques (oven, steamer, crockpot) and now I've another.
I love the color! Another technique to store away for future attempts. Thanks!
Beautiful! It may not be what you were planning, but who cares if it's such a nice color!
What a fantastic colour ! Fab !
WOW! you did a great job! I do love the what's it gonna be when it grows up??
Gorgeous! What type of dye did you use?
Well done. Is that...easter egg dye?
Looks delightful! If I ever get the hang of my drop spindle I may get to have fun with dyeing too.
What a great color. And love the word "sploots". Is that a Rabbitch technical term?
What a lovely color! And what a trashy skein! Good lord, puts on some clothes!

I'm catching up on your 'blog, and I had to comment on this post: YUM! I love that purple, so gorgeous. I also loved that greenish stuff you did recently. I'm so impressed!

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